Maggie Mueller

The University of Sheffield


Meet Maggie Mueller, a seasoned technical writer whose passion for technology is matched only by her commitment to helping others navigate the digital landscape. With an infectious enthusiasm for unraveling the complexities of iOS, Android devices, and software, Maggie is your friendly guide in the world of tech, providing clear, concise, and accurate insights.


  • Mobile Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Mac
  • Multimedia: Streaming, Video Creation, and Script Writing
  • Software and Gadgets: Tech Software and Consumer Technology
  • Productivity Tools: Microsoft Office and Google Suite


Maggie currently serves as a Senior Technical Writer at Foneazy, where she has been a cornerstone of support for the past six years. Based in Hong Kong SAR, Foneazy Software relies on Maggie's expertise to deliver swift, straightforward, and affordable solutions to iPhone- and Android-related issues.

Before joining Foneazy, Maggie gained extensive experience working with various websites across diverse niches, primarily focusing on technology. From crafting how-to guides and tutorials to reporting on the latest tech trends, Maggie's writing prowess shines through. With a typing speed of 130 words per minute, Maggie's dedication to her craft is evident, even if her hands occasionally yearn for a break.

Maggie holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering from The University of Sheffield, where her passion for technology and its impact on society was first ignited.


At the heart of her setup is a sleek MacBook Pro, where she crafts compelling content with speed and precision. The vibrant 27-inch iMac stands tall on her desk, providing a spacious canvas for her creative endeavors.

Maggie stays connected on the go with her iPhone 13, seamlessly transitioning from her Mac to the iPhone's responsive interface. Her iPad Pro serves as a versatile companion during meetings, allowing her to sketch ideas, take notes, and stay organized effortlessly.

For seamless collaboration, Maggie relies on her Apple Watch, ensuring she never misses a notification or a deadline. AirPods Pro keep her focused in the midst of a bustling workday, providing immersive audio quality for both communication and entertainment.

In the midst of her Apple ecosystem, Maggie has curated a workspace that blends efficiency with aesthetics, where every device plays a crucial role in enhancing her productivity and creativity.

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