GFaker Review in 2024: How It Works?

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Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Find My iPhone and Pokemon GO all use the GPS functionality of your phone in their own way.

There might also be times when you want to stop third-party apps from stealing your location data from your phone.

Therefore, a location-spoofing tool comes in handy in these times to give you the satisfaction of having your device in your control.

This post discusses the details of GFaker location spoofing in Apple devices and how you can it through external tools.

What is GFaker?

Apple users have the fundamental issue of not having access to basic location spoofing apps. The company forbids developers from writing applications that enable faking location on iOS devices.

However, one hardware company has stepped up to shoulder the big task. They have created a location-spoofing system that is compliant with Apple devices and allows you to virtually transport to a new location.

The solution is not free, and it is not cheap either, but it is reliable for Apple users.

The name of this company and product is GFaker. It is a little device that you secure to your iPhone or iPad (as if connecting them to a computer). Here is how the technology works: the GFaker device to iOS is like an external GPS.

The GPS device has a chipset approved by Apple and is compliant with the Apple External Accessory Framework.

To make the GFaker work, you have to run the provided app. GFaker does not require a jailbroken device and the app and device are all it takes to change your location.

What is GFaker

GFaker Features & Compatibility

GFaker is a revolutionary device for Apple phone and tablet owners. Here are some standing out features of the GFaker:

  • Location spoofing: the tool effectively helps you spoof your location for any purpose. It supports all iOS devices.
  • Wireless: you do not need to connect your iPhone to a desktop-like any other location spoofing app. With GFaker you only plug and play the dongle. When connected, the device will wirelessly simulate your GPS location.
  • Audio jack and charging port: the best part about GFaker is that you will never run out of battery! A charging port and headset port of 3.5mm comes with this little device as a plus.

GFaker Features

You can use GFaker to change your location in popular apps like Find my iPhone, Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and Instagram. All Apple devices with iOS 9 to 12.4.1 are good to use with GFaker.

How to Use GFaker?

GFaker achieves location spoofing by a pluggable technology. The attached application with the device enables the software part of location spoofing.

As soon as you plug the device in, it indicates to your Apple device that an external device has replaced the GPS module of your Apple phone/tablet.

So naturally, when the system or any app tries to get to your location, they are using the chipset of the GFaker for guidance. This puts location information in your control as long as the GFaker is plugged in.

It is a pre-configured device for location spoofing in your iPhone/iPad.

Once you have a GFaker, read the manufacturer's instructions to install the associated app as it is unavailable on the App Store. GFaker achieves this by using Apple's Test Flight program.

The other location spoofing module of GFaker is called the Phantom. Application for this module is available directly from the AppStore, but the location spoofing ability is slightly less realistic.

Using the GFaker device is a simple, 3-step process:

1. Insert GFaker hardware on your device
2. Find the location to spoof on your iPhone
3. Select a mode to start changing your location

How GFaker Works?

GFaker Pricing Plan

There are two devices by GFaker, known as GFaker Pro and GFaker Phantom. Both devices are prices at $279 but have a varying set of features.

One GFaker device will support one Apple device at a time, and the subscription requires one-time payment only.

GFaker Pricing Plan

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons of investing in a GFaker to spoof your location in an Apple device. Here we will discuss them in detail:


  • GFaker will accurately simulate the GPS location of any Apple device with a software update of 12.4.1 and below
  • There is no need to jailbreak your device with GFaker, so it is a big relief for Apple users
  • GFaker is a safe and reliable method of location spoofing


  • It is an expensive device
  • It is a hardware, meaning you need to wait for the shipping
  • Lack a lot of features, such as importing GPX file, joystick, multi-device control, history records

GFaker Alternative Worth Trying

If you cannot get your hands on a GFaker device right now, we have the perfect alternative for you. The best tool that can help you is MockGo.

It is a affordable computer-based software to let you fake location and simulate movement in a few clicks. 

Compare MockGo with GFaker

  GFaker MockGo
Rate ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Type Hardware Software
Pros: No need to jailbreak iOS device
Simulate GPS location wirelessly
No need to jailbreak iOS device
Compatible with the latest iPhone 15 and iOS 17
Much affordable compared to GFaker ($9.95/Month)
Teleport mode, One-stop route, Multi-stop route
Support importing GPX, joystick, multi-device control
No need to wait for the shipping
Full screen of the map view
Location history recorded
Provide free trial

Very expensive. It costs $279
Doesn't support multi-device control
Doesn't support importing GPX
It takes time to receive the tool
No free trial

Doesn't support wireless spoofing
Teleport mode
Simulate GPS movement
Joystick ×
Change speed while moving ×
Import GPX ×
Multi-device control One device at a time 5 devices simultaneously
Historical records ×
Favorite list ×
Device connection Insert the gfaker hardware into your device Connect your iPhone to the computer
Price Gfaker Phantom: $279 1-Month Plan: $9.95
3-Months Plan: $19.95
1 Year Plan: $39.95
Lifetime Plan: $59.95

How to Use MockGo to Change the iPhone GPS

The steps are very simple and take only few minutes to change your location:

Step 1. Download and launch the iOS spoofing tool on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your phone to the computer and authorize access.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3. You will see a map on your computer. Find your desired location in this map and select it.

 search for a location

Step 4. The system will prompt 'Move Here'. click on this prompt and your location will change.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

Step 5. The GPS of your iPhone will then be located in the new place!

location teleported

It's also worth mentioning that MockGo works on iOS 17 and 15 unlike the GFaker tool. And it's pretty easy to spoof your location this way than rely on an expensive purchase to get the job done.

MockGo also has specific guides for spoofing locations for apps like Tinder and games such as Pokemon GO, The Walking Dead: Our World. No harm in taking a look, right?


We hope this post made you familiar with the most popular location spoofers for Apple users, including GFaker. This steps above should make GPS spoofing with GFaker very easy for you. 

And if you don't have that much to spend on location spoofing, consider the web-based alternative – MockGo – to achieve the location you want. Good luck.

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