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Some Pokémon GO players wonder if there was a way to make eggs hatch without the need to walk physically.

Well, there is a solution that lets you cover miles in Pokémon GO without actually moving your feet.

Many players call this hack spoofing, where they can continue to play the game without the need to leave their house or walk long distances.

Defit is such an app that lets you cover distances in Pokémon GO and perform various tasks to earn more bonuses.

In this guide, we will discuss is there an iOS version for Defit app and if there's an alternative option available to help the iPhone users to play Pokémon GO without walking.

What Is Defit App?

Defit App

Defit is a health tracker app that automatically simulates real running. This app is mostly used by fitness app developers that need to check their app.

Users can choose the running speed or set up activity like the number of daily steps. This app can also be a great tool when playing the Pokémon GO game for some Android users.

Simply install the app from Google Play, and watch how it helps you hatch the eggs without the need to take any steps.

You'll need to create an account or log in to the Defit app with the same account that you are using to play the Pokémon GO game.

Will There Be an iOS Defit app?

As of this writing, there is NO Defit app available in the App Store for iOS users. It is difficult to get an app into the App Store.

Applications can be rejected by Apple for minor faults, which can be frustrating for developers who must spend a lot of time and effort to ensure their apps meet Apple's standards and restrictions.

As far as we know, there isn't any apps in the Apple App Store that can assist you change your GPS or fake walking for your iPhone when playing Pokémon GO.

However, you can always use a defit iOS alternative such as MockGo that can help you spoof location and simulate movement of your iOS devices to hatch eggs.

DeFit iOS Alternative: MockGo iOS GPS Changer

We recommend the software MockGo to fake GPS for Pokémon GO on iPhone, iPad, or iPod without the need to move or leave your home.

This is by far the safest software available online to spoof locations in Pokémon GO for iOS devices.

Features of MockGo

  • Teleport the GPS to your desired location.
  • Simulate the movement with customizied speed.
  • MockGo is compatible with all devices and iOS versions.
  • Works well for GPS-dependent games like Pokémon GO, Harry Potter World and more.
  • Spoof the location of 5 devices simultaneously.

Follows these steps to learn how to play the Pokémon GO game with the help from 's MockGo software:

Step 1. Download MockGo Onto Computer

Download and install MockGo onto your computer from the following buttons.

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to Computer

Launch the tool on your Mac or PC desktop. Then connect your iPhone with a USB cable and begin the process by clicking on the Start button.  

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3. Choose Teleport Mode

Search for the Teleport mode located in the upper right-hand corner. Click on it to change the GPS of your device.

choose teleport mode

Step 4. Change the GPS Location

In the search bar, manually enter the location you would like to travel to. Click the Go button, and you'll see the location on the map.  

To teleport to the searched location, click on the Move Here button, and you will be instantaneously teleported.  

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

Step 5. Simulate Movement

Now choose the second option (one-stop mode) and adjust the destination pin on the map and then click "Move Here" to proceed.

adjust the destination pin

Enter the number of times that you would like to move and then click on "Start". You can also use the speed slider at the bottom to adjust the speed as needed.

Enter the number of times

Now open the Pokémon GO app on your iOS device, and you will find yourself moving automatically.

This method requires you to close the Pokémon GO app completely when teleporting from one place to another.


How to Use Defit App on Android to Play Pokémon GO?

Just follow this simple guide on how to use Defit app in Pokémon GO to hatch eggs without the need to walk:

Step 1. Open Play Store and search for the Defit app. After finding the app, click on the install button.

The app will then be downloaded and installed on your device. Don't worry about the storage, as the app is currently 2.8 MB and free to install.

Step 2. Next, download the Google Fit app if you haven't already installed it on your smartphone. Make sure you have allowed all the permissions to both the Defit app and Google Fit app.

Step 3. Launch the Defit app and log into it with the same ID that you have used to create your Pokémon GO account.

This is important as the email ID should match for both the Pokémon GO and Defit accounts. If the IDs don't match then, Pokémon GO will not be able to check the steps.

Note: Before proceeding to the next steps, double-check if you have granted all the permission to both apps.

Step 4. Next is to open the game and turn on the Adventure Sync feature. To turn on the Adventure Sync, then just follow these steps:

In the Main Menu screen, tap on Settings -> search for Adventure Sync and then tap on it to make it active.

Step 5. Now close the game and open the Defit app; from the main screen of the app, tap on the 'AD' button.

Step 6. Now you can easily use the Defit app to add up the steps into your Pokémon GO and hatch the eggs without leaving your home.

Many of you might be wondering if using the Defit app a safe hack to hatch eggs.

Well, the Defit app reduces account risks by asking you to perform the workaround without the need to root your android device.

That said, there are some risks involved, so we recommend using this hack in moderation.

How to Play Pokémon GO Safely?

To avoid getting detected by Niantic or Pokémon GO, limit the distance you're walking. Anything under 500 KM is safe and would not cause any problems.

If you're still worried about getting banned from Pokémon GO for using the GPS hack, read on for a solution.

This fix will help you go undetected and keep your account safe from getting banned. Make sure you're following the directions as closely as mentioned.

In Pokémon GO, a cooldown time is the amount of time needed to perform one action after you've completed performing a previous action.

For example, after you have captured a Pokemon or completed a spin activity at a Pokestop, you would need to wait approximately 2 hours before performing another action.

So, it's just a wait time between two in-game actions. You can follow the Pokémon GO cooldown chart, which is an in-depth analysis on the wait time between in-game actions:

Distance Covered/Cooldown Time

  • 1 KM/1 MIN
  • 2 KM/1 MIN
  • 4 KM/2 MINS
  • 10 KM/8 MINS
  • 12 KM/9 MINS
  • 15 KM/11 MINS
  • 20 KM/13 MINS
  • 25 KM/15 MINS
  • 30 KM/18 MINS
  • 40 KM/22 MINS
  • 45 KM/23 MINS
  • 60 KM/25 MINS
  • 80 KM/27 MINS
  • 100 KM/30 MINS
  • 125 KM/33 MINS
  • 140 KM/34 MINS
  • 150 KM/36 MINS
  • 180 KM/39 MINS
  • 200 KM/42 MINS
  • 250 KM/46 MINS
  • 300 KM/50 MINS
  • 350 KM/53 MINS
  • 400 KM/56 MINS
  • 500 KM/64 MINS
  • 600 KM/72 MINS
  • 750 KM/82 MINS
  • 800 KM/86 MINS
  • 900 KM/93 MINS
  • 950 KM/97 MINS
  • 1000 KM/100 MINS
  • 1150 KM/111 MINS
  • 1200 KM/115 MINS
  • 1250 KM/118 MINS
  • 1266+ KM/120 MINS


You have all the tools needed to become a Pokemon master in Pokémon GO. Use the Defit app if you're an Android user to hatch eggs without moving from your place.

If you have an iPhone, you can use the MockGo software to spoof and fake the GPS movement. Let us know in the comments below which app will you try first.

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