How to Play Pokémon GO without Walking (2023 Latest)

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Tips Published On Mar 14, 2022 Updated On Mar 31, 2023
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It has always been a dream of millions of Pokemon fans to be able to experience the dream of catching your own Pokemon and training them.

However, we can't deny that the allure of also being able to play the game whilst at your own home is something you'd want to do once in a while.

So it is fortunate that there are several methods available for you to play Pokémon GO without walking. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Is It Possible to Play Pokémon GO without Walking?

The quick answer to that is: yes! You can actually play Pokémon GO without moving.

All you need is a location changer tool that can manipulate your phone's location to make the impression that you are moving when in reality, you are not.

The methods differ depending on the device you are using. It is perfect for those of you who would rather play while staying within the walls of your humble abode.

Choose the Right Tools to Get Started

No gamer would intentionally get their account banned, especially when it comes to Pokémon G.

So, to avoid losing your progress, only play Pokémon GO in a safe manner. Here are some verified apps that can help you spoof safely:

  1. MockGo (iOS) - It is considered one of the best, especially for iOS. It allows you to change the GPS location of iPhone without compromising your device's security.
  2. Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go (Android) - It is considered one of the best Pokemon GPS spoofing apps with over 10 thousands installs on Google Play Store.

It is in your best interest to check out these apps first before trying any other spoofing apps.

Play Pokémon GO without Walking for iOS Device

MockGo is a professional GPS changer that is specifically designed for iOS devices. It helps to trick your phone into thinking you're in whatever location.

It comes with the following features:

  • Change location on iOS devices to anywhere with a single click.
  • Make an auto-walk by choosing two or several spots.
  • Control the movement with joystick.
  • Works with all location-based apps including but not limited to Whatsapp, Tinder, and Pokémon GO.
  • Support the latest iOS devices and software such as iPhone 14/14 Pro Max and iOS 16.

However, it would help if you keep in mind that Pokémon GO developers have a strict policy that restricts players from using any location spoofing software.

It's therefore suggested that you don't change location on the software frequently.

Here are the steps on how to use it:

Step 1. Download MockGo

This app is available for Mac and Windows. So you will need to download and install the software onto your computer first.

Step 2. Connect your iOS device

After installing, launch the application then connect your iPhone to your computer.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3. Choose teleport mode

After that, select the Teleport mode on the upper-right corner of the screen.

choose teleport mode

Step 4. Choose the location

Next, enter the address of where you want to go on the search bar and click Go. The location you choose will be shown on the map.

 search for a location

Step 5. GPS changed

Click on Move Here and the GPS locaton on your device will be changed instantly.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

That's it! Though it's best to avoid teleporting too much, especially in small time intervals.

There is a huge chance that it will be tagged as suspicious activity and this may result in your account getting banned. Obviously, you don't want that to happen.

Step 6. Fake GPS walking

You can also fake GPS movement using MockGo, follow the steps below:

1. Choose the 'One-stop mode'.

One-stop mode

2. Set the starting and destination points from the map. Then click 'Move Here' to move to the next stage.

Move Here

3. Then set the number of trips and speed you wish to move with. You can also enable the realistic mode from the control panel of speed.

choose the circle times

4. Click the Start button and the movement will begin immediately.

Fake GPS walking

Play Pokémon GO without Walking for Android Device

For users of Android devices, you can refer to this latest devsjournal guide at first. This tutorial introduces the latest and working ways to fake GPS on Android device for Pokémon GO safely.

Warning: Don't use "Select mock location app"

Note: We noticed that a lot of guides recommend you to fake GPS on Android devices by enabling "Select mock location app" directly in settings. However it is pretty risky for your account now. Because Niantic will detect spoofing when the mock locations checkbox is selected.

To bypass this, you must downgrade your phone, root your phone, and turn the app into a system app, or you may not need to do anything at all to install the Pokémon GO Android hack App depending on the Android version of your device.

Select mock location app

Step 1. Download the original Pokémon GO app

First and foremost, make sure that you downloaded the original Pokémon GO app from the Playstore.

Once that is taken care of, you can refer to these important notes below.

Step 2. Choose fake GPS app

The location faking apps basically let you move within the game using virtual control buttons, just like the classic Pokémon game.

This way, you can move in whichever direction you want to go without actually moving in real life.

There are actually free applications similar to the Fake GPS Joystick app that worked back in 2019. These are the Fake GPS app and the FGL Pro app.

Though these methods don't require payment, Niantic will ban you for using these apps when they detect their actions on your device. Weigh the pros and cons and decide if you want to risk it.

One of the trustworthy Android GPS faking app is Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go. Like MockGo, this is also a paid software. You can get it for $4.40.

Step 3. Root or downgrade your android device

If you think they're worth the risk, you will have to either root or downgrade your android device in order to use the apps.

For you to determine which method you should use, follow this simple guide:

  1. If your device is Android 8 and below, you can downgrade your Google Play Service by using external apps like Odin for Samsung.
  2. If your device is Android 8.1 to 9, you should root your Android using Magisk before you can use the GPS spoofing apps.
  3. If you are using Android 10 and above, use the Smali Patcher.

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

Ineffective Methods to Avoid

It is easy to find an app that claims to be able to spoof your location on Pokémon GO, but most of them would require a subscription or just straight out unreliable at all.

Here are some of those apps that you should steer clear from:

  1. Tutu App - The app seems sketchy as its website has a poor design and thethe app has a poor rating on the App Store. There have also been some reports asking for sensitive information from its users.
  2. PokeGo++ - The app is not found on App Store or Google Play and can only be downloaded from a site linked to Tutu App. It's believed that the APK file for the app contains malware, making it unsafe to install or download.
  3. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free - This claims to only work on rooted phones and leads users to a site where they have to pay to continue.

Be cautious of apps with bad reviews and ratings that collect personal data or ask for suspicious permissions.

It's best to avoid apps that are not available on Google Play Store or App Store, are flagged as untrustworthy, or require jailbreak, unless there is no other option.

Useful Tips for Playing Pokémon GO in a Safe Manner

  • Use your spoofing app to modify your location before opening Pokémon GO.
  • Avoid making sudden and long-distance jumps while playing Pokemon.
  • Customize your walking speed to be as natural as possible, ranging from 3.6km/h to 36km/h.
  • Make use of the Cooldown Timer. Some Pokémon GO GPS spoofing app comes with a Coldown Time reminder feature to help reduce the risk of getting banned.
Distance Cooldown
1 Km 1 min
2 Km 1 min
4 Km 2 mins
10 Km 8 mins
12 Km 9 mins
15 Km 11 mins
20 Km 13 mins
25 Km 15 mins
30 Km 18 mins
40 Km 22 mins
45 Km 23 mins
60 Km 25 mins
80 Km 27 mins
100 Km 30 mins
125 Km 33 mins
140 Km 34 mins
150 Km 36 mins
180 Km 39 mins
200 Km 42 mins
250 Km 46 mins
300 Km 50 mins
350 Km 53 mins
400 Km 56 mins
500 Km 64 mins
600 Km 72 mins
750 Km 82 mins
800 Km 86 mins
900 Km 93 mins
950 Km 97 mins
1000 Km 100 mins
1150 Km 111 mins
1200 Km 115 mins
1250 Km 118 mins
1266+ Km 120 mins


1. What Causes Detection?

Pokémon GO doesn't have an anti-cheat that can detect if you are spoofing your location. Instead, the game developers collect GPS data which they analyze to check if there is any unusual behavior in the way the player plays the game.

So if you spoof your location often and if you spoof your location to a lot of further distances without a proper time out afterward, you can get detected by the Pokémon GO developers.

But if you spoof your location carefully and you do your best to play the game without tipping off any unusual behavior that can be read through GPS analysis, you might not get detected.

2. Are 3rd Party App Stores Safe to Use?

There are many 3rd party stores that act just like the official AppStore, yet they give you access to many third-party apps you can install on your iOS device without having to jailbreak it.

The most popular such 3rd party app stores include AppValley, TuTuApp, Builds, AppCake, among others. While they're very convenient, they're not really safe to use.

These app stores tend to inject ads into your game and since the original game doesn't feature ads, you can get easily detected by the game developers for the "unusual behavior" since you're forced to look at the ads.

Not only are ads annoying, but who knows what else gets injected into the modified game and what else you will have on your phone without even knowing. Lastly, ads are annoying and can ruin the playing experience.

3. Are Modified Pokemon GO Apps Safe to Use?

There are some modified Pokemon GO versions in the market. However using these tools could result in your account getting banned.

The ban "wave" is not over and it's most likely not going to end since the Pokemon GO developers are fully aware of the modified Pokemon GO versions.

Therefore, you should be careful how you use these modified versions but also ensure that you use a secondary account that you don't mind getting banned.


Walking around just for a game isn't practical sometimes, especially for casual gamers. But you need those kilometers to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO, find new Pokemon, and basically just play the game.

You can avoid the outdoors by using different external apps, depending on your operating system. For iOS, you'll need MockGo to spoof the GPS location.

For Android, you can use the Pokémon GO GPS Hack and downgrade your android with apps like Magisk and Smali Patcher to root your Android before you can use GPS spoofers.

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