Pokémon GO Soft Ban: How to Remove Soft Ban in Pokémon GO

  1. Published on Sep 28, 2021
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So, you think that you have been banned on Pokémon GO, but you are unsure? With so many reports of players getting banned for the slightest indiscretions, if you think that you’ve been banned, you probably have.

The chances of getting a soft ban increase dramatically if you have been using location spoofing tools to play the game or if you’ve been moving too fast.

This article will show you the whole soft ban issue in Pokémon GO; how you can tell if you’ve been banned and how to remove the soft ban. Let’s begin with what it is.

What is a Pokémon GO Soft Ban?

If you think that you have been banned, there is a simple way to tell. If a soft ban has been imposed on your account, every Pokémon that you try to catch will escape, regardless of the ball or type of Berries you used. The Pokémon will flee and you will not be able to catch them until the soft ban is lifted.

You can also tell that your account is under a soft ban if you can’t find anything at PokéStops. If you’re spinning the circle and not getting any rewards, or you’re unable to win Gym fights, then your account has been banned.

What Can Get You Soft Banned?

While Niantic has not shared a list of offences that can get your account soft banned, many people have found themselves in this situation after doing the following;

  • Using GPS spoofing apps to play the game
  • Logging in on a device in another zone or country faster than it would take to travel to the new location
  • Using the same account on multiple devices
  • Playing the game while moving at a high speed of more than 50km/h

It is also not clear which one of these offences is more serious than the other, but it seems like jumping to a new continent and GPS spoofing attract a far stiffer penalty of more than 12 hours sometimes.

What Happens If You Get Soft Banned in Pokémon GO?

A soft ban will cause the following to happen;

  • Any Pokémon that you try to catch will instantly flee from you
  • Stored quest rewards will flee from you
  • You will not be able to get any rewards from PokéStops
  • You can still catch Raid Bosses
  • You can still spin PokeStops
  • On a rolling basis, the maximum is 3500 Pokemon/7 days
  • Players can start a battle and then catch the Pokemon later (3 to 4 hours)

The Duration of a Pokémon GO Soft Ban

A soft ban in Pokémon GO will last for about 12 hours, after which the ban is lifted and you can continue to play the game.

Note, however, that Niantic may choose to impose a stiffer penalty if you get soft banned repeatedly. On average it takes about 3 soft bans for your account to be banned permanently.

How Many Times Can You Get Soft Banned in Pokémon GO?

If it is your first offence, then you may get soft banned once for 12 hours. Repeat offenders can get banned for 24 hours, then a week and then a month.

While Niantic doesn’t offer clear guidelines of how many times you can be soft banned before receiving a permanent ban, there are cases of individuals who got soft banned just 4 times before getting a permanent ban.

How to Remove Your Pokémon GO Soft Ban

To remove a soft ban, you first of all need to figure out what you have done wrong to cause the ban.

If you jumped to a new country or region too fast using a location spoofing tool, you should set the location back to the original before opening Pokémon GO again.

Another way to get out of a soft ban is to go to a PokéStop and spin it and close it about 40 times. You will not get any rewards from it, but most people find that this is a good way to get out of a soft ban.

Of course, it is often best to avoid getting banned in the first place. If you choose to play the game using a location spoofing tool, you should consider choosing a location spoofer that is fully functional and one that will not expose your activities to Niantic.

If you do get soft banned, wait out the suspension and then do everything you can to avoid another ban to prevent a permanent ban on your account.

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