Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go Walking Rewards: The Complete Guide

Pokémon GO was always meant to get you out and about and with Adventure Sync, now there is a way you can keep track of all the walking you do while playing the game. More than just keep track of the distances you cover; Adventure Sync offers a number of rewards based on the distances covered. The further you walk, the bigger the reward. Here, we

Pokémon GO Cooldown Chart: The Complete Guide

With the surge in Pokémon GO players, cheating incidents have become more prevalent. To address this, the game has implemented various safeguards and features, including the introduction of Cooldown Time. Cooldown Time serves as a deterrent against cheating by preventing players from rapidly performing actions across different locations within a s

Top Pokémon Go Maps You Can't Miss in 2023

In the very beginning, Pokémon Go players realized that help was need if they were going to progress through the game quickly and easily. To answer the demand, several resourceful players created interactive Maps and Trackers that players could use to find everything in the game. Over time though, these resources were seen as cheating and as Nian
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