(4 Ways) How to Bypass Security Lockout on iPhone/iPad

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Locked out of your iPhone or iPad due to too many times of wrong passcode attempts? Frustrating, right?

Don't worry; this article is exactly what you need.

Follow us as we'll guide you through the steps to bypass the security lockout on your iPhone or iPad.

Let's begin!

What Is Security Lockout on iPhone?

Apple rolls out security updates every now and then, and one of the great features is Security Lockout, which is first introduced in iOS 15.2 update.

So, when will it appear?

Well, only when you have a stable internet connection and previously turned on Find My on your device you can see the "Security Lockout" screen.

The security lockout is triggered when you continuously use the incorrect passcode to unlock your iPhone, and the period of the Lockout time is determined by the number of failed attempts.

After 6 wrong screen passcode attempts, your device will be locked out for 1 minute.

If you enter the wrong passcode for the 7th time, you have wait 5 minutes to try gain.

The more incorrect passcode attempts you make, the longer you have to wait.

If you have entered incorrect passcode after 10 times on your iPhone or iPad, the device will be disabled, and you will see the Security Lockout message on screen.

Whether you forgot your passcode or got locked out after too many failed attempts, we'll help you regain access to your data in no time.

 Security Lockout on iphone

Bypass Security Lockout Using the Official Way

Before applying the official way to bypass the iPhone security lockout, Please ensure:

  • You know the Apple ID/password for the device.
  • Your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • Your device should have at least iOS 15.2 installed.

Here are the steps:

1. Once the iPhone is locked out, and you cannot further enter the passcode, tap the Erase Device option.

2. Tap Erase Device again before providing your Apple ID credentials.

3. Press Erase Device again to reset the device to default settings.

4. Now, follow the onscreen instructions to enable the phone, and if you have a backup on iCloud, restore it as well.

Bypass Security Lockout Using the Official Way

Bypass Security Lockout without iTunes or iCloud

If the first method took too long time that you can bear, or you just want to find an easier way to unlock your device without iTunes or iCloud, don't worry, there's another solution: Unlockit iPhone.

This software is one of the most effective iPhone unlockers which can help you bypass a unvailable or security lockout iPhone and regain access to your iOS device in just a few simple steps.

The software also offers several other features, such as bypassing Apple ID, MDM lock, and screen time passcode.

Here is how you can navigate this software after downloading it on your computer:

Step 1: Launch the Software

After downloading and running the program on your computer, click "Unlock Screen Passcode" section.

Also, connect the locked iPhone to the computer.

launch Unlockit iPhone

Step 2: Download Firmware

Unlockit iPhone will display the correct model and software version of the iPhone. Click Download to download the firmware.

download is complete

Step 3: Bypass the Security Lockout

When the firmware is downloaded, click the Remove button to bypass the security lockout screen on the device.

unlocking is complete

It is that simple!

Using Recovery Mode

iTunes was initially the go-to tool to play media files for Apple users. However, it has slowly become a multi-functional tool.

Now, you can also put the iPhone into Recovery Mode using iTunes or Finder on your computer to bypass the security lockout screen.

Still, remember that all data will be lost once the process is complete, and the only way to restore the old data is if you have a backup saved on iTunes or iCloud.

Before getting started, ensure that your Mac is up to date. If you use iTunes, make sure you have the most recent version.

Check the following steps to learn how to bypass the iPhone security lockout using Recovery Mode:

1. Turn off the iPhone.

 power off iPhone

2. From there, enter Recovery Mode by applying the below-mentioned instructions relevant to your iPhone model:

For iPhone X and later:Quickly press and release the volume up button. Quickly press and release the volume down button. Then, press and hold the side button until the recovery mode screen appears.

iPhone 8 or later in recovery mode

For iPhone 7 and subsequent versions: Keep pressing the the top (or side) and Volume Down buttons until the Recovery Mode is shown.

iPhone 7 in recovery mode

For iPhone 6 and older: Continue holding the Home and the top (or side) buttons till the point when the screen shows the Recovery Mode icon.

iPhone 6s in recovery mode

3. Now, access iTunes on Windows computer or older macOS versions or open Finder on later Mac computer.

4. Connect the iPhone to the computer.

5. Click Restore when iTunes displays the following notification: "There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored".

finder recovery mode notification

It will take approximately 15 minutes for iTunes to restore the device.

Via iCloud.com

With the help of the Find My iPhone function on your iCloud account, you can quickly bypass the security lockout.

However, please make sure the following requirements:

  • The locked device should have enabled the Find My iPhone before it is locked.
  • The device must be connected to a network for this method to work.
  • You'll need the Apple ID and password you used to set up your device.
  • A browser to visit icloud.com is required.

The steps are as follows:

1. Open the iCloud website and enter your login credentials to access the platform. You can use any device and browser here.

2. Next, tap the Find My option, and click on All Devices before selecting the locked iPhone.

3. Next, click on Erase iPhone to reset the device to default settings. This will also remove the passcode on your device.

4. Wait for the process to finish. After that, you can setup your device without the security lockout screen!

Wait for the process to finish


How Long Does the iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout Message Last?

So, what are the lockout criteria?

Check out the list below:

  1. Upon entering the wrong passcode 6 times, the device gets disabled for 1 minute.
  2. On the 7th consecutive incorrect attempt, the iPhone gets locked out for 5 minutes.
  3. On the 8th try, the wait time becomes 15 minutes.
  4. And then on the 10th wrong attempt, the iOS device gets completely locked out, and the only way out is resetting it.

What is the difference Between Security Lockout and iPhone Unavailable?

The meaning of both terms is the same. However, you can only see the "Security Lockout" screen if you have an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection and have already enabled Find My on your device. If not, you will see the iPhone Unavailable message.

Are There Any Ways to Unlock the Security Lockout iPhone Without a Computer?


Simply utilize the 4th solution here in this article.

Use your smartphone to access the iCloud account. From there, you can remotely reset the locked-out iOS device.

Once the process is complete, power the iPhone and set up the device using your Apple ID credentials.

Can you Fix iPhone Security Lockout Without Losing Data?

We have bad news!

Once you enter the wrong passcode for the 10th time, and the device is permanently locked out, there is no direct way to bypass it without data loss.

So it is essential to create your iPhone backup on iCloud or iTunes regularly. This way, your files will be available instantly once you factory reset the iPhone.

Moreover, if you forget your Apple ID password, we recommend opting for Unlockit iPhone's "Unlock Apple ID" to bypass the security lockout.

To Conclude

You may feel that forgetting your iPhone passcode and getting locked out from it is a bit clumsy.

Do not beat yourself up, as it can happen to the best of us. The important thing is to act appropriately to re-access it without further delay.

Simply apply any of the top methods mentioned in our guide, like Unlockit iPhone, to make the iOS device functional again.

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