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by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young iPad Published On Jan 3, 2022 Updated On Aug 30, 2023
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Are you employed as a teacher or lecturer in some institute and tired of the issues caused by the administration's Mobile Device Management (MDM)? We feel you.

Several school directors and administrators allow their students and teachers to use iPads in order to improve work efficiency.

However, they often use MDM to remotely control the device. While MDM is excellent for students, it can sometimes cause problems for the staff.

For instance, the administration may block access to certain applications you use daily.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove MDM from your school iPad and restore access to your favorite apps.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at MDM, its potential risks, and steps to remove restrictions from school iPad. 

What Is School Device Management on iPad?

The primary purpose of MDM on devices is to restrict the user from doing various things. School officials can use MDM to remotely manage the devices according to their preferences.

MDM is undoubtedly exceptional when protecting documents and confidential information, but it causes problems for the user.

There can be limitations on USB linkages, hotspot connections, mobile plans, Apple watch, wallpaper, iTunes record sharing, and various other things.

The school's administrators typically set these limitations to monitor the user's activities.

Even if you reset the gadget, you'll be locked out of the MDM screen and asked to enter an ID and password. So MDM brings places diverse restrictions on device use.

Once an MDM profile is applied to the device, you'll be restricted from doing various things.

Since the IT departments of the faculty remotely control the device, it's difficult to remove MBM without getting hold of the credentials.

That said, there are some third-party tools that can help you remove MDM from your iPad for good.

Risks of Device Management on School iPad

MDM functions well on devices, but the users cannot operate the device freely because of the regulations.

Usually, they eliminate the MDM profiles through several techniques, so the device has no regulations in this case.

Additionally, if the device is being lost or stolen, the data stored on the device will also be lost if no security features are active.

For example, if no passcode is set for the device, the device's data can be seen and recorded.

It is hard to take away the MDM profile from the institution's iPad because even after resetting the device, you may see the MDM lock display screen, which is hard to bypass with the absence of passcodes and credentials.

It is impossible to remove the profile on your own. The only way to get rid of the issue is to use third-party applications.

The direct method of eliminating the MDM profile is to contact the IT branch of the institute from wherein the gadget is being controlled.

They have the authority and other legal rights to remove the profile from the iPad. The great thing, in this case, is that you will not face data loss, and your device will be unbound from constraints.

The perfect way to do this is to communicate with the school officials. Explain the troubles you are going through due to the MDM profile.

If they comply with your request, things will be perfect, and the problem can be solved immediately.

Alternatively, you can ask the admins to remove some part of the restrictions and make it a bit lenient.

In this way, you can improve the experience of using an iPad while at work.

How to Remove School iPad Restrictions without Administration's Help

There are several third-party tools capable of removing the MDM lock from your iPad. However, we recommend using Unlockit since it works on all iPadOS versions, including the new iPadOS 17.

Unlockit is an easy-to-use software that anyone can use. There are no pre-requisites to using this tool, but you may take a look at the compatibility of your device by using the free trial of the software.

It hardly takes a few minutes and clicks to remove MDM. Plus, you can use the same license on the same device more than once.

Delete MDM Device Management from iPad without Password

1. Launch Unlockit on your computer.

2. You'll now see three options that Unlockit can utilize to pass through the various locks, such as the MDM lock, and screen time passcode. Click "Bypass MDM Lock" to proceed.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

3. Next, connect your iPad to your computer via the USB cable. The device will be auto recognized and connected until the process ends.

connect your device to your computer

4. Before going further, ensure that your iPad is locked out of the MDM display. If the MDM lock screen asks you for credentials, click "Start."

start to bypass the MDM lock

If the device is not on the MDM screen, you'll need to reset it first. First, disable the Find My iPad feature, then tap Settings > General > Reset. You will see the option of "Erase All Content and Settings," tap it.

The iPad will restart automatically. There's no need to set up the device as you set up a new one. Tap on "Don't Transfer App & Data" inside the Apps ad Data seen. Then click " Done" from Unlockit.

MDM lock bypassed

How to Remove the Device Management from School iPad with Password

It is difficult to remove the MDM profile from your iPad. Because even after resetting the device, the MDM lock display may appear, and you can't get rid of out without knowing the credentials.

The only way to delete the profile in this instance is to use a third-party administrator or app.

If you want to get rid of such regulations on your iPad directly, then the following steps might help to get through this:

  • Go to Settings on your iPad and tap General.
  • Go to "Device Management."
  • Now the "MDM profile" will appear on the screen. Tap it.
  • Tap on the Remove Management option, then enter your password if required. (P.S. You might need to get in touch with the IT department of your school for this purpose.)
  • Finally, your iPad is free from MDM restrictions.  

Remove the Device Management from School iPad with Password


MDM profiles can be trouble for staff members. They set diverse regulations that restrict you from using most applications on the school-provided iPad.

Many individuals attempt to remove the MDM but find it challenging to do so. With the steps mentioned above, you can overcome the hurdles and access your favorite apps without needing to buy a new device.

You can first ask to contact the officials or IT directors to take the profile out of your device. But in case you cannot get in touch with them, there's third-party software that can help.

Unlockit is the best MDM removal software because it lets you get rid of its installation in a few clicks without difficulty.

It works on all iPadOS versions, even the iPadOS 17, and allows you to operate the tool with no regulations.

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