(Quick Guide) How to Unlock Company Owned iPhone

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With a company-owned iPhone, there come many restrictions on usage and customization. If you're looking to unlock a company-owned iPhone, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we will:

  • What a company-owned iPhone is
  • Ways to unlock a company-owned iPhone

What is Company-Owned iPhone/iPad

As the name suggests, a company-owned iPhone is an iPhone provided by the company to an employee with the sole purpose of assisting through their daily workload.

The device is often set up through Mobile Device Management (MDM) software by the organization's IT department and features all the applications and accounts that an employee might require to make their job easier and more streamlined.

Companies also need to set certain restrictions on company-owned iPhones to protect sensitive information and maintain a secure work environment.

Restrictions can include limiting which apps can be installed, controlling access to certain websites, preventing the use of certain features (e.g., the camera or location services) and remotely updating, wiping or lockig the device, for security or privacy reason.

How to Tell If Your Device is Supervised?

You can check if the iPhone you are using is supervised by your company by going to settings. If you find a message that says "This iPhone is supervised..." on top of the main page on Settings, this means that your device is under the supervision of the company.

What is Company-Owned iPhone

Unlock the Company Owned iPhone without Password

In case you don't work at any office or organization and bought a pre-owned iPhone, you can use a professional MDM bypass tool such as Unlockit to remove the MDM profile and bypass the restrictions on your iPhone in a few minutes.

It is an all-in-one iPhone unlocking tool to get past the MDM lock, unlock the Apple ID, and remove Screen Time passcodes.

It is easy to use and works well with all iPhones and iPads that have iOS 7 or a newer version. The best part is you don't have to do anything extreme like jailbreaking your device.

Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to use Unlockit to unlock a company-owned iPhone;

Step 1: Once you are certain that it is actually company-locked, place an order to unlock the device on the Unlockit website.

Step 2: Then, download and install the Unlockit software onto your computer.

Step 3: Launch Unlockit, and click on "Bypass MDM Lock" from the main screen.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

Step 4: Connect the iOS device to your computer to proceed.

connect your device to your computer

Step 5: Click Start and Unlockit will start bypassing the MDM profile immediately and the whole process will be completed in a matter of minutes.

start to bypass the MDM lock

When the process is complete, all restrictions imposed on the iOS device will be removed and the previous owners of the device will no longer be able to supervise how you use the device or even remotely erase the device. They will also have no indication that you have unlocked the device.

MDM lock bypassed

Unlock the Company Owned iPhone from Settings

Unlockit may be one of the best solutions if you don't know the login information that the administrator used to configure the device.

But if you happen to know the passcode of the MDM profile, then you can easily remove it from the device easily using these simple steps;

Step 1: On the device, go to Settings > General.

Step 2: Tap on "Profile and Device Management" and then select "MDM Profile."

Step 3: Tap on "Remove Management" and then enter log-in information when prompted.

Unlock the Company Owned iPad and iPhone from Settings


Will jailbreaking an iPhone remove MDM?

Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you complete control over your device, which includes the ability to remove the MDM lock. However, it's important to be aware that doing so may compromise the security of your device.

How can I remove MDM from iPhone for free?

The quickest way to remove MDM is by entering the required password via your device's Settings. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the administrator who initially set up the remote management on your iPhone.

Will I lose data if I remove MDM?

No, you won't lose any of your previous data! As long as you have the necessary credentials for the Remote management lock and use solutions like Unlockit or iPhone Settings to remove MDM, your data remains safe and intact.

Data loss only becomes a concern if you're required to reset your device, which is a rare occurrence and typically only happens if the previously mentioned solutions do not work.

Wrap Up

So there you have it! Now, you can easily unlock your company-owned iPhone without asking for the administrator's help. Simply download a reliable tool like Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker and bypass the restrictions in an instant. What more could you need?

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