Can Life360 Track Text Messages? (Life360 Privacy FAQs)

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Considering that Life360 tracks GPS in real-time and shares the location of a device with other members of the circle, it's natural to wonder what other kinds of data it can track.

Parents often use Life360 to keep tabs on their children's movements and receive accurate, real-time updates. But can it track text messages, search history, or apps?

Find answers to the most common questions about Life360 privacy below.

Can Life360 track text messages, search history, and apps?

The short answer is no.

While the app has a social media feature enabling group members to share messages and easily copy and paste text, it cannot access or read your text messages. Although the paid version offers "texting while driving" notifications, it doesn't track text messages; it merely monitors device usage during driving.

Concerns about privacy extend to search history. Life360 primarily focuses on location sharing and doesn't spy on internet search history. Users needn't worry about Life360 sharing their internet history with family members.

Regarding app tracking, Life360 can indeed identify specific apps, particularly those using GPS features, to track location and activities accordingly. It also monitors for distracted driving, detecting phone usage while driving and identifying foreground apps. However, Life360 doesn't disclose this information to circle members, maintaining privacy.

In essence, while Life360 serves as a reliable tool for real-time location tracking and sharing among family members, it respects privacy boundaries concerning text messages, search history, and app usage. Users can rest assured that their text messages and search history remain private, and while app usage may be monitored for safety reasons, this information isn't shared with others in the circle.

What Does Life360 Track?

Now that you know Life360 can't see, share, or track your text messages or other private info on your device, you might wonder, what can Life360 actually track? Here's what Life360 says it can track:


Life360 uses GPS and internet data to find where family members are in real-time. It sends alerts when they reach a certain place or leave an area.

Location History

You can check where your family has been with Life360. It has Geo-Fencing to tell you when someone enters or leaves a specific area. It also has emergency alerts for quick help.

Driving Speed

Life360 monitors how fast each car is going. It alerts the family if someone is driving too fast. It can also send alerts if there's an accident or unsafe driving.

Driver Reports

Life360 gives detailed reports about each trip. It shows average speed, the route taken, and any sudden stops or starts during the journey.

What can parents and circle members see on Life360?

Life360 isn't a parental control app, so parents can only see what other circle members see. Anyone in the circle can turn off location sharing to keep their actual location private.

Besides location tracking, parents can see phone usage while driving and driving safety alerts, which are part of a paid driver protection plan. But don't worry, Life360 doesn't grant access to any other data on the device.

The phone usage feature doesn't mean Life360 can detect and view specific actions. It simply detects actions like texting, calling, or using an app while driving, based on the phone's movement. If you use a hands-free Bluetooth device, Life360 won't detect any phone usage.

Is Life360 a spy app?

Although Life360 can help parents keep track of their children's whereabouts, it's not a spy app. You don't need to worry about privacy breaches or your data being accessed by others. Members of your circle can't view your text messages, calls, or search history; they only have access to your location.

While skepticism about location-sharing features is understandable, Life360 maintains transparency about the shared information. Users have control over what data is shared and who can access it, ensuring privacy.

Final thoughts

Apps like Life360 are designed to help families stay connected, but they can raise privacy concerns. Although Life360 won't access your private communication, it still has access to significant data on your device, which may concern some users.

If you're worried about privacy while using Life360, you can explore options to spoof your location on Life360 and keep your actual GPS location private.

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