Is It Possible for Life360 to Track Text Messages?

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Tips Published On Mar 1, 2022 Updated On Nov 10, 2022
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Considering that Life360 tracks GPS in real-time and shares the location of a device with other members of the circle, it is easy to wonder what other types of data it can be used to track.

Life360 is a very capable and easy-to-use solution when you want to keep track of family members and loved ones.

Parents can use it to track the movement of their children and get accurate, real-time information.

But can it be used to track text messages? Could you use it to read the text messages that a member of the circle sends and receives?

Let us help you answer this question.

What can Life360 do?

One of the main functions of Life360 is that it can be used to connect multiple devices and allow each member of the circle to see the other members' location on a map.

As such, it is a very good way to keep track of your loved ones and be able to find them at short notice.

Life360 also keeps track of all locations that a certain device has visited. This location history feature can show you all the locations that a certain member of the circle has been to.

But perhaps this app's best feature is the panic button that sends a text message alert to all members of the circle when activated.

The message includes the GPS location of the sender so other group members can respond to any emergency quickly.

Life360 can also be helpful when your phone or that of a member of your circle is stolen or goes missing, you can use this app to quickly find out where it is.

Can Life360 see text messages?

The simple answer is NO. Life360 doesn't have access to, nor can it read your text messages.

But the app does have a social media feature that allows group members to share messages with each other.

Members can also easily copy and paste text messages to other members of the circle.

With the paid version of the Life360 app, you can choose to be notified when circle members are using their devices while driving.

The app advertises this as the "texting while driving" notification which has led people to believe that maybe the app can track text messages, but the truth is it only tracks usage of the device while driving and has no way of knowing if you are texting and driving.

What can parents and people in your circle see on Life360?

Life360 is not a parental control app and therefore parents will only be able to see what other members of the circle see.

And any member can choose to turn off location sharing to prevent the app from getting their actual location.

Apart from location tracking, the parent will be able to see the phone usage while driving, and driving safety alerts, which are covered by a paid driver protection plan.

Don't worry, Life360 will not give them access to any other type of data on the device.

The phone usage we're discussing doesn't mean Life360 could detect and view your specific action.

Texting, calling, or using an app that is detected by the movement of the phone while driving are all examples of phone usage.

The app will not detect any phone usage if you use a hands-free Bluetooth device.

Is Life360 a spy app?

While Life360 can be very valuable in helping a parent stay aware of where their child is at a given time, it is not a spy app.

Life360 is a location-sharing app and will only share information with the users in the same circle.

It will not provide additional information or allow members of the circle to see other types of data like text messages.

It is a vital tool to help you keep your kids safe and therefore it may be a good idea to talk to them about what the app can do.

Let them know that it is only meant to ensure they are safe and that members of the family circle will not see their messages or social media activity.

Final thoughts

Apps like Life360 are meant to help family members keep track of each other.

And while it will not have access to private data like text messages, it is still very invasive of your privacy.

There are no hidden features in Life360. Only with your permission will Life360 share your location.

Life360 is not a spy app and therefore cannot monitor your private communication such as text messages.

But it still has access to a significant aspect of your device's data, making it a less ideal solution to those who worry about their privacy.

If you still have concerns about your privacy as a result of using the Life360 app, there are ways that you can choose to spoof your location on Life360 and keep your actual GPS location private.

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