How to Spoof Life360 Location on iPhone (Quick Guide)

by Sovan Mandal Tips Published On Mar 15, 2022 Updated On Nov 10, 2022
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The word "spoofing" literally means faking. GPS spoofing is a technology that allows a user to hide their actual location or place them in a fake virtual location.

GPS spoofing is helpful when you want to protect yourself from unwanted tracking or if you simply want others not to invade your privacy.

This can happen when you're using location-sharing apps such as Life360. Some people also use spoofing on location-based AR games so they can change their IP address.

If you don't want to get tracked when using a spoofing software, you have to make sure that the app or software you're using is safe to avoid any inconvenience.

So in this article, we will teach you how to spoof your Life360 location on iPhone using one such reliable app.

Why People Don't Want to Be Tracked by Life360?

Life360 is a real-time location-sharing app. Since it's real-time, it is very convenient for family members and friends to share their locations so they don't constantly have to check up on each other.

When someone is part of your 'Circle,' you can immediately see their exact location as part of their status.

Other details that are available on the Life360 app are the location history and the last known location.

The app can also detect if your phone is turned off or if you have no network.

While these are indeed helpful, they are also the reasons why some people hate being tracked by Life360.

People are bothered that it interferes with their privacy all the time.

How to Spoof Life360 Location for iPhone

If you're one of those who don't like being constantly tracked while using Life360, you can spoof your location using a separate software like MockGo.

MockGo is popular among users of location-based AR games as it makes it easy to teleport from one location to another even without physically traveling or walking.

You can set your start and end location, and the GPS will automatically move based on the set route.

Aside from that, MockGo can fake your location on any social media site and spoof locations of different devices simultaneously. Its moving speeds are also naturally adjusted to mimic reality.

MockGo can run on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, and Mac OS 10.10 or later. It has a free trial, but you can also upgrade to the paid version. The plans range from $9.95 to $59.95.

Spoofing your location using MockGo is very easy. To start using MockGo, follow these steps below:

Step 1. Download and install MockGo on your computer via the buttons.

Step 2. Once the installation is complete, launch MockGo. Make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3. Wait for MockGo to detect your iPhone. The map with your current location will appear on the screen. Change your location by clicking the Teleport icon located at the upper right.

choose teleport mode

Step 4. Then, type the location where you want to be teleported to on the search bar. After you input your desired location, click Search.

 search for a location

Step 5. The coordinates of the location will appear. When you're ready, click Move Here  and you will be virtually taken to the location that you entered.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

Now if you want to sync all your devices or spoof multiple devices at the same time, there's also a way to do that with MockGo.

  1. First, you have to click the icon Multi-device management on the bottom-right corner of the page.
  2. A new window will appear. Click the Add button, connect your new device to your computer, and wait for MockGo to detect it.
  3. On the screen, MockGo will list all the connected devices under Controlled or Uncontrolled status.
  4. Switch the status of the device to Control if you want MockGo to activate on that device.

multi-device management


Will Life360 work if the Airplane Mode is On?

Airplane Mode turns off all of our phones' connections, from WiFi, Bluetooth, to Cellular Data.

For GPS to work, it needs a connection too. So when you activate Airplane Mode, you will lose your GPS signal.

However, you can manually turn the WiFi and Bluetooth back on while on Airplane Mode.

As long as these connectivity functions are turned on, Life360 will still work despite Airplane Mode.

What Happens to Life360 When Your Phone Is Off?

When your iPhone is off, all apps and functions will stop working, including Life360 and GPS.

So, no one will be able to track your current location. What will appear on Life360 is your last known location.

Life360 can detect if an iPhone is turned off. The status "No network or phone off" will appear under the name of someone that is part of your circle.

Final Thoughts

Sharing locations is helpful when you want to check up on your friends and families.

But it can feel invasive to your privacy as well. If you want to continue using location-sharing apps such as Life360 but don't want to be monitored 24/7, MockGo can come in handy.

Just launch MockGo, connect your iPhone to your computer, and search the location you want to be teleported to. Your fake location will remain there until you disconnect the device from your computer.

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