How to Change Location on Facebook Dating

  1. Published on Aug 6, 2021
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Facebook dating makes it easy for users to meet matches in their area. It is so easy to use that you should be able to figure out how to sign up and start meeting new people within minutes.

To match you with potential dates, Facebook dating uses the location information that you provide and location information gathered from the device.

This makes it possible for you to meet people in other area by simply changing the location on your device.

This article deals with this issue; showing you how you can easily change the location on Facebook dating and meet potential new matches.

Benefits of Changing Location on Facebook Dating

There are numerous benefits that you can get just from changing your location on Facebook dating, including the following;

  • By changing your location, you can be exposed to previously unexplored profiles on Facebook Dating.
  • You increase your chances of finding a match by widening your net
  • If you don’t want those around you to see your profile, changing your location is the best way to do it.
  • By changing your location, your profile will appear as new, significantly increasing your worth as a match.
  • You can switch from one location to another to find even more matches.

Change Fakebook Dating Location by Updating It

To update your Facebook Dating location, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: To change the location in Facebook Dating, click on the menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: In the “Settings” page, adjust the distance under “Distance” and then tap “Save.”

Step 3: Go back to the Settings page and tap “Dating Location.” You will need to update your current location since Facebook Dating doesn’t automatically do that.

You must also turn on location services on the device to update the location. Click “Save” when you’re done.

Update Facebook Dating Location

Change Fakebook Dating Location by Faking the GPS

If you would like to fake the location on Facebook dating to somewhere other than your current location, you can do that using MockGo.

This application allows you to change the GPS location on your iOS device to anywhere in the world, allowing you to explore new matches in this new area.

The following are the program’s most useful features;

  • Change the GPS on your device to anywhere in the world in a single click
  • Select the location to teleport to by entering the address of coordinates
  • It can also be used to simulate GPS movement
  • It comes with an enhanced map view that shows the location and the simulated movement

Here’s how to use MockGoto change the location on Facebook Dating;

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer

To begin, download and install the program on to your computer.

Connect the iPhone to the computer and then launch MockGo. Click on “Start”.

Launch MockGo on your computer

Step 2: Enter the Desired Location

Once the program detects the device, you should see a map with the current location. Click on “Teleport Mode” icon from upper right corner of the screen.

Enter the address or the coordinates of the target location in the search bar so it loads on the map.

 search for a location

Step 3: Spoof the Location

Drag the pin around to further refine the location and then select “Move Here” to change the location on your device automatically.

Move Here button

With your GPS location changed, you can now open Facebook Dating and you should be able to see and interact with the profiles in the new area.

your GPS location is changed

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