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by Aaron Roussey Tips Published On Jun 14, 2021 Updated On Nov 10, 2022
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Covid-19 has posed a new challenge around the world. For instance, the Pokémon GO community has been highly affected since no one can freely get out to play the game. This has left players looking for alternative ways to play Pokémon GO without having to move at all.

The question is, can you play Pokémon GO without having to move? In this article, we are going to show you the answer to the question and provide all the tools you need to play Pokémon GO from the comfort of your room.

Can You Play Pokemon GO Without Moving?

Yes, you can play Pokemon GO without moving by spoofing your location. There are a couple of ways to spoof your location.

You can either use a modified Pokemon GO version, jailbreak your device to easily spoof your smartphone's location via third-party apps or even get a hardware tool that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and spoof your location.

But in this tutorial, we will only introduce the safest way to let you play Pokemon GO without moving.

Play Pokémon GO without Moving for iOS

Assuming you own an iPhone or iPad and want to play Pokémon GO without moving, what do you do? There are several professional software that you employ in this case. However, for effective results, we recommend that you use MockGo.

It is a genuine professional tool that is specifically designed for iOS devices and platforms. The tool will help you simulate your game's GPS movement without having to leave the comfort of your room.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that Pokémon GO developers have a strict policy that restricts players from using any location spoofing software.

It's therefore suggested that you don't change location on the software frequently.

MockGo comes with the following unique features:

  • Ability to change location on iOS devices to anywhere with a single click.
  • Plan a route and set an auto-walk by choosing two or several spots from a map.
  • Works with all location-based applications including but not limited to Whatsapp, Fitness applications, and Pokémon GO.
  • Support the latest iOS devices and software such as iPhone 14/14 Pro Max nd iOS 16.

To use MockGo effectively, follow through with the following steps:

Step 1. First, download MockGo on your Mac or PC and install it.

Step 2. After installation is finished, proceed to launch it. You can then connect your iOS device to your computer.

onnect your iOS device to your computer

Step 3. From the options on the program interface, choose the 'Multi-Spot Mode'.

Multi-stop mode

Step 4. At this point, you'll have to plan a route by setting multiple stops. Remember, After, that, proceed to click 'Move Here' and then move to the next stage.

setting multiple stops

Step 5. It is also possible to set the number of trips and speed you wish to move with. Finally, click the 'Start' option to start the auto-walking.  

start the auto-walking

Why We Don't Recommend the Modified Pokemon GO Apps

Modified Pokemon GO apps used to be the easiest way to spoof your GPS and play Pokemon GO from the comfort of your home.

But Niantic has developed a new anti-cheat mechanism that recognizes modified Pokémon Go apps like iSpoofer and iPogo as of January 2020. It is recommended that you do not utilize modified or jailbroken Pokémon Go apps to prevent detection, or use a secondary account you don't mind losing in case you get detected.

Play Pokémon GO without Moving for Android

Since the above option is applicable for iOS users, what would you do if you own an Android device? In this case, you don't have to worry as we got you covered.

Although you can go to the Play Store and select any spoofing software, we recommend Fake GPS Location Spoofer for efficiency.

Preparations Before Faking GPS

We used to install the Fake GPS software and turned on the Mock location option to start spoofing earlier 2021. But Niantic now detects spoofing anytime the mock locations checkbox is enabled.

To avoid this, you must either downgrade your phone or root it and convert the app to a system app, or you do not need to do anything at all, depending on the Android version of your device.

  • For Android 6.0 to 8.0 (Not 8.1): Downgrade your Google Play Store to a 12.6.85 version or lower
  • For Android 8.1 to 9: Root your device using Magisk, hide the root.
  • For Android 10, 11, and above:Use Smali Patcher.

For more details, please read this tutorial with all the details.

How to Set up the Fake GPS App

After you have finished the preparations, follow the steps below to set up the Fake GPS app.

For Android 6.0 and above with Security patch before March 2017

Step 1. First, go to the Play Store and search for Fake GPS location. You can then proceed to install the application.

 search for Fake GPS location

Step 2. Next, you can proceed to enable developer options if you haven't done so yet. To do this, head to settings by tapping on the gear icon. From there, scroll through to the bottom and choose the system option.

Step 3. From there, select 'About phone' and then quickly tap on the 'Build number'. You'll be required to verify the lock screen security, after which the developer mode is enabled.

Step 4. After you've got in the developer options menu, ensure that the toggle option is turned on. Proceed to choose the 'Mock location app'. Select 'Fake GPS location'.

developer mode

For Android 9 and below

  1. Check No-Root Mode for Pokemon GO Spoofing No root Method or uncheck No-Root Mode (Smali Patcher Method).
  2. Uncheck the Wait Dialog No-root mode or Check for Pokemon GO No Root Method.

For Android 10 and later

  1. Enable Smali Patcher Mode.
  2. Enable or disable FusedLocationApi.

Step 5. After you've taken care of the above steps, open the 'Fake GPS location'. You can search for a specific address or place your pin in a general location. Hit the 'Start' button to start spoofing your location.

start spoofing your location

If everything works out as planned, you can play Pokémon GO from the comfort of your room and without being noticed.

Other Tips to Play Pokémon GO without Walking

Know the Local Gyms and PokeStops

When laying Pokémon GO, it helps if you understand your local area. Most locations have several Gyms and PokeStops that you can access from your car.

Even if you're avoiding the mall, it is still possible to drive to a local Starbucks and get to a PokeStop without having to leave your car.

There are also public parks with Gyms and PokeStops, and the fresh air there will offer you some good things if you get yourself trapped for days.

If you're new to a certain area and don't know it well yet, there are several Map trackers that you can use to find Gyms and PokeStops near you.


Use Incense

Incense is one of the first items you'll be given the moment you start playing Pokémon GO. Incense will draw all nearby Pokemon to your location without you having to go for them.

To activate the 'incense pot' follow the steps below:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the 'Poke ball'.
  2. Tap on items.
  3. Tap on Incense.
  4. You will see the incense pot on your screen. If you tap it again, you'll activate the effect for 30 seconds.

Use Incense

However, the timer keeps counting even after leaving the application. Therefore, it would be best if you considered going for a run or a walk when incense is working.

Use a Lure Module

A Lure Module is simply a more effective and powerful version of incense. To use the Lure Module, you head to a PokeStop and activate them from that location. One benefit of the Lure Module is that it benefits both you and the trainers.

You can therefore spread the cost and love among several trainers at a PokeStop. You can park your car at a stop or go to a local park.

To use Lure Module, follow through with the following steps:

  1. Tap a PokeStop on the map to visit it.
  2. If there is no active Lure Module, tap on the rectangle on top of your screen saying 'Empty Module slot'.
  3. Add Lure Module from the inventory.

Use a Lure Module

Special Lure modules are available to draw in specific Pokemon and include Mossy, Magnetic, and Glacial. They also make it possible for you to evolve certain Pokemon.


Although you might think that catching Pokemon from the comfort of your room is impossible, it is possible. You need to get the best tool to spoof your location and cheat the game into thinking that you're actually in motion. If you are an iOS user, we recommend that you go for MockGo.

The application offers you the safest and best option to make your iPhone or iPad think you're in motion. If you own an Android device, then try using the Fake GPS location.

It is easy to operate and developed specifically for Pokémon GO. We hope that you have an excellent and fun playing experience.

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