iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4: Does It Worth a Try?

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young iCloud Published On Nov 11, 2021 Updated On Aug 25, 2022
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If you have ever reset your device and have enabled Find My iPhone, you may have encountered the iCloud Activation Lock Screen.

If you know your Apple ID and password, you will not have any problems accessing the device.

The problem comes in when you’ve forgotten the password or if you bought a second-hand device that is still linked to the previous owner’s iCloud credentials.

One of the ways around this problem is to use the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 to remove the lock.

It is one of the many online tools that can be used for this purpose and in this article, we will find out if it actually works.

What is iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4?

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

The function of the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 is a closely guarded secret.

We might speculate that it uses a combination of proxy and software to unlock the device, but past users say that the tool has unlocked their devices in a matter of minutes, allowing them to sign in to the device with their own Apple ID and continue using it.

But we must say that, unlike other tools that seem to have a simple operation with step-by-step function, this tool is complicated.

You may find that you need to take some configuration steps to make it work.

Where to Download iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

While this tool seems to work, finding it is a challenge in itself. This is because there is no official website where you can download it and therefore finding the correct download link is very challenging.

Please note that downloading software from unofficial sites can often be problematic as these programs are often chock-full of malware and viruses that may be harmful to your computer.

How to Use iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

If you are able to find a viable download link for this iCloud unlocking tool, install it on your computer and then follow these steps to use it to unlock the device;

Step 1: Open the iPhone and follow the setup instructions until you get to the Wi-Fi page.

Step 2: Tap on the “I” next to the Wi-Fi network and then select “Configure Proxy.” Enable “Manual” and then enter the following;

  • Server:
  • Port: 1082

Step 3: Save the changes you have made and connect the device to the Wi-Fi network. Then use a USB/Lightning cable to connect the device to the computer.

Step 4: Once you get to the Activation Lock screen in the set-up process, open the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool on your computer.

Step 5: Check all the options that appear on the screen, click “Connect iCloud Erasing Server”, then “Bypass Activation Lock.”

Step 6: Click “Upload Activation File” and select the required file. The unlocking process should begin immediately. Tap “Next” on your device and keep it connected until the process is complete.

Does iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 Still Work?

Even though there are some users who claim to have been able to unlock their devices using this tool, our tests prove they oppose.

We tested the tool on numerous iOS devices, running various versions of iOS and it was unable to unlock even one. Therefore, we can only conclude that this tool doesn’t work.

Other than the fact that our tests prove it doesn’t work, there are a lot of other reasons why you shouldn’t use this tool to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

They include the following;

  • It has a very low success rate. Some users claim that it works, but we tested it extensively and on many devices without a single success case.
  • It also doesn’t have an official website. This means that you will not be able to find a download link for the tool, but also no customer support, meaning no avenue to address your concerns if you face a problem with the device after unlocking it.
  • It is only available for Windows and therefore cannot help you if you have a Mac
  • Because there is no official download link for this tool, a lot of people end up downloading fake versions that can pose a great security risk to their devices.

Working Alternative to iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

By now we have established that iCloud Activation Bypass Tool version 1.4 is not the best tool to choose when it comes to safely and effectively unlocking your iOS device.

But if you can’t use this tool, what is the best alternative? There is a much simpler, more effective solution to choose from.

This tool is Unlockit iCloud Activation Unlocker, a tool developed by a reputable software company and one that will unlock your device in a matter of minutes.

The program is available for download on its main website. Just click on the “Download” button to get the executable file and then follow these simple steps to use it to unlock your device;

Step 1: Double-click on the executable file to begin the installation process. Then follow the instructions to install the program onto your computer.

Step 2: Open Unlockit after installation and connect the locked device to the computer using a USB/Lightning cable. Click “Start” to begin the unlocking process.

Step 3: To unlock the device, you will first of all need to jailbreak it. The program provides the instructions you need to jailbreak the device. Follow the guide and once the device has been jailbroken, click “Next” to continue.

Step 4: The program will begin unlocking the device and removing the old iCloud account from it. The process may take a while, so keep the device connected until the process is complete.


Tool like iCloud Activation Bypass tool are widely available online, but very few of them seem effective and you put your computer and device at risk by choosing to download them.

Instead, consider Unlockit, a safe and reliable option that has none of the shortcomings and will unlock your device quickly and easily.

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