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by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Updated On Oct 26, 2023 Published On Aug 3, 2023 iCloud

There are times in everyone's life when one gets so busy they forget their iPhone passcode. Sometimes you buy a pre-owned device that the owner forgets to factory reset, and you're stuck at iCloud Actviation lock and trying to find a password for an Apple ID that isn't even yours.

Things like these happen a lot more often than you'd think. So, if you find yourself puzzled by the iCloud Activation Lock and want to remove it with one of the popular iCloud bypass tools: iCloud Assistant Pro.

Here, we will learn whether it is an effecitve tool to remove iCloud Activation Lock.

What is iCloud Assistant Pro?

iCloud Assistant Pro is a popular internet tool used to unlock an iPhone that you don't have the passcode or credentials to. You might even have heard of it as iCloud Assistant Pro Enterprise 365. Let's take a look at what kind of situations you'd use it in:

  1. If you've forgotten your iPhone passcode
  2. You bought the device from someone else, but it wasn't reset
  3. You want to sell your phone but don't know the password to reset it

No matter what issue you're facing, I'm here to show you how you can use the iCloud Assistant Pro to your advantage.

What is iCloud Assistant Pro

Main Features of the iCloud Assistant Pro

With so many password and iCloud removal tools on the internet, there must be something that keeps people hooked on iCloud Assistant Pro. Here are its main features:

  1. Doesn't require the iPhone to be active
  2. Removes the iCloud account from most devices
  3. Has an easy-to-use interface
  4. Doesn't require a lot of tech knowledge

With so much to offer, let's get to reviewing this awesome tool in detail.

Where Can I Download iCloud Assistant Pro?

Here's where the problems start. This tool has no official website that hosts the download link. Instead, there are many third-party websites that claim to have it. But, when you go to these websites, there are a lot of popups for ad traffic, and some require you to take a survey.

After you get past all these barriers, there's no way to ensure the download link has the latest version of the tool and is free of any malware. I'd suggest that you get a good antivirus before attempting to open any of these links.

When it comes to any tool that doesn't have an official site for the download link, there is always a risk associated with using it. This is mostly because you never know what the link has until you've downloaded and opened it.

You risk infecting your phone and computer with bugs, viruses, and dangerous malware. That's where the issue lies. If any version of the tool asks you for your credit card details, personal information, or any other payment method, uninstall it immediately. iCloud Assistant Pro is a free tool, and any website claiming otherwise is a scam.

So, where does that leave you? If you're sure you want to continue with the tool, then search for links on groups where users have shared it and people in the comments back it up. This is a safer approach than blindly trusting unknown websites.

Review of Using the iCloud Assistant Pro

For an honest review, it's important to look at the cons of the tool and check what the online users thought of it. Let's get right to it:


Here are some of the issues that most people face when using the tool:

  1. There is no official website which makes it difficult to download the tool.
  2. It does not have a very high success rate even when you use it.
  3. The tool tends to glitch and doesn't work with all devices.
  4. It is not compatible with iOS 13 or above.
  5. Some links require payment for the full version of the app.

Experience of Online Users

Online users have a decisive opinion of the app, which remains unchanged by the amount of 'helpful' guides promoting it. They face one or more of three issues:

  1. They can't find the download link to the latest version of the tool, so it ends up not working for them.
  2. They have accidentally downloaded malware and viruses from the fake links on various websites claiming to host the tool link.
  3. They've been asked to fill out surveys or pay for the download link, only to be redirected to a free version later.

All of the signs point to iCloud Assistant Pro being a risky tool to use. Even though I used it years ago, things change, and tools become obsolete. The best option is to pick one that is updated and more effective.

Best Alternative to iCloud Assistant Pro

With so many tools like iCloud Assistant Pro on the internet, any user can get confused about what is trustworthy and what isn't. That's why I'm here to make your job easier for you and introduce you to Unlockit iCloud Remover.

So, what's so special about this tool? For starters, it's completely reliable, and people have great online reviews. It's an effective iCloud remover that doesn't damage your phone and keeps your personal information safe.

Here are some of its top features:

  • Removes Activation Lock without the need for Apple ID credentials.
  • Compatible with newer versions of the iOS as well, including the latest iOS 16.6.
  • Supports iPhone models iPhone 5S to iPhone X and most iPads.
  • Provide official download link, customer support and website guide.

Here is how you can use it:

Step 1: Install and Run the Tool

Download the Unlockit iCloud Remover tool and install it onto your computer. Once it's installed, run the program and attach your device to the computer via a lightning cable.

Make sure the connection is secure, then read the information and click on "Start" to continue.

Connect your phone to the computer

Step 2: Download Jailbreak Package

Now, the tool will pick a jailbreak package from the internet and download it. Make sure the connection between the device and the computer is stable.

Also, your computer needs to have good internet connectivity during this period. It can take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.

download the jailbreak tool

Step 3: Jailbreak Your Device

Once the package has been downloaded, make sure to click on "Jailbreak" to go through with the process. Make sure the lightning cable connection is not disrupted during this period. A jailbreak may negate your device's warranty, so keep that in mind.

jailbreak tool is downloaded

Step 4: Remove the iCloud Lock

Confirm your device's information on the popup screen and proceed with "Start to Remove" to get rid of the iCloud lock on your device. The process will take a few minutes, and it will notify you once you're done.

verify your device information

Step 5: Check Your Device

The only thing left to do is to check your device and see if you can access all of your iCloud features. If the lock doesn't show up on the screen, then you're all set.

See? Wasn't that a piece of cake? Not only is the tool easy to use, but it has a great success rate. No wonder it's such a hit with everyone on the internet.

free of the activation lock

To Conclude

When it comes to tools available on the internet, you can never be too sure. To avoid any scams, it's best to go for tried and tested choice.

And I can't recommend anything better than the Unlockit iCloud Remover. This tool has everything, from an easy-to-use interface to a success rate to put all others to shame. The best part? It's free and completely safe to use. Try it out, and let me know how it went!

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