How to Bypass iPhone Screen Time Passcode without Erasing Device

by Foneazy Basic iPhone Tips Ideal for Newbies Published On Feb 9, 2022 Updated On Aug 25, 2022
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As a parent, we worry that our child is spending most of their time on the iPhone, or they might be using an inappropriate app.

We want to restrict them, so use the Screen Time feature. But it has a drawback. If you did not set up a passcode, then the child can easily change the settings and restrictions.

Many parents don’t want that, so they put up a password on the Screen Time settings. But if you forgot the passcode and want to make any changes in the settings, you're stuck.

There is no direct way to bypass the Screen Time passcode. But you can always use a tool to help you in this situation.

Continue reading as we will discuss what the Screen Time passcode is and which tool to use to bypass the Screen Time passcode. 

What Is Screen Time Passcode

Screen Time Passcode

Screen Time passcode is a four-digit password that you can set up for the screen time feature that was introduced in iOS 12.

Once set up, you would need to enter the password every time if you would like to make any changes in the Screen Time settings.

Like in iOS 11 and earlier versions, we had a similar version of Screen Time called Restrictions. That allowed the users to limit the Screen Time of their kids.

However, in iOS 12, they changed it to Screen Time with more functions. It allowed you to-of course-set limits on how much time your child is spending on their phone and restrict the apps.

Furthermore, you can use this on your own device to limit your kids from accessing certain apps and content on the website.

The best part about this feature is that you will receive a Screen Time report every week.

In the report, you can find useful information such as which apps you or your kids are spending the most time on and at what time of the day.

But if you want to set these limits on your or your child's iPhone or iPad, you would need access to the settings of Screen Time.

Hence, to enter the Screen Time settings, you would need to punch in the four-digit code. You can use the Screen Time feature without the passcode, but it is recommended.

As the passcode will help prevent anyone from changing the settings of Screen Time, they will not be able to modify restrictions on the iPhone.

For instance, you have set up limitations and restrictions using the Screen Time feature on your child's phone.

If you did not set up any passcode, then your child can easily open the settings of Screen Time and remove any restrictions or change the screen usage limit.

Bypass Screen Time Passcode without Erasing Device

There is a method that many people have tried to remove the passcode from Screen Time by erasing the device.

It simply means to factory reset your iPhone and start using it. The downfall? All of your important data like pictures, videos, or documents will be erased from the device.

However, if you're wondering, well, what if, after erasing all the data, I just restore it by using the backup that I created.

Technically, you can get your data back, but it also means that the Screen Time passcode will be restored again.

This means that you could use the erasing device method only if you do not need the files stored on your iPhone.

Therefore, if you would like to use your iPad or iPhone without Screen Time or just remove the passcode, you can hack into it without losing any important files or data by using the Unlockit iPhone screen Unlocker.

If you encounter any problem with your iPhone in which you would need to bypass the password like screen time and any other type of passcode, then you could use this tool.

It's easy to use, and with just a few clicks, you can remove the passcode from your device in no time.

Here's how to use Unlockit iPhone/iPad Unlocker to remove Screen Time:

1. Start by downloading and installing the tool on your Mac or PC.

2. Run the tool and then connect your iPhone with the computer.

If you see a prompt on your iOS device asking to give permission to the computer, then click on the "Trust" button.

Note: Make sure the Find My iPhone feature must be switched off before you can start the process to remove the passcode.

connect your device to your computer

3. From the tool's main menu, select the option that displays "Remove Screen Time Passcode" to begin the process.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

4. Wait for the removing process to be completed, then follow the on-screen instructions to bypass Screen Time. 

Remove Screen Time Passcode

5. To finish the process, you can click on the 'Done' button and remove your iPhone from the PC.

successfully removed the screen time passcode

Now, you can enjoy using your iPhone without any limitations or restrictions. However, you can use the Screen Time feature if you would like but do not set up a passcode.

FAQs about Bypassing Screen Time Passcode

For some users, it can be confusing to understand the process of how to bypass the Screen Time passcode.

Or they might have trouble finding the best solution to remove the passcode from Screen Time. If you’re one of these users, check out our FAQs below to get answers:

1. Can I just erase all the data and settings to remove Screen Time passcode?

Many sites would argue that using a factory reset on your iPhone or iPad will remove the Screen Time passcode. But, that is not true.

If you have already set up a passcode for Screen Time, then when clicking on the Factory Reset option.

The iPhone will ask you for both Apple ID Password and Screen Time passcode. Therefore, you cannot bypass it by only going to the Factory Reset option.

2. How can I turn off the Screen Time on my iPhone?

To turn off this feature, follow these instructions.

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings option
  • Then find the Screen Time option and tap on it
  • Inside the Screen Time option, you can see the Turn Off toggle, tap on it
  • Enter in the Screen Time passcode
  • To confirm, please tap again on the Turn Off Screen Time.

Now you have successfully disabled the Screen Time feature on your iPhone.

3. Do I need to set up a passcode for Screen Time? 

It all depends on the situation and circumstances. You do not need to set up a passcode to use the feature Screen Time.

But if you would not like any other person or your child to change the settings of the Screen Time, then it is safe to set up a passcode.

If you have a habit of forgetting passcodes, you can use many online password managers or use a password-USB to store your passcode.

In most scenarios, the parents use this Screen Time feature to restrict their kids from spending too much time on the iPhone or iPad.

Usually, when it's a school night, therefore it's a great feature to help your children not become addicted to smartphones and tablets.


According to a report, 34% of people forget their passwords in a year. So, forgetting the Screen Time passcode can restrict you from using the iPhone to its fullest.

It can be annoying; for example, you're typing an important email, and suddenly the iPhone shuts down; now, you cannot access it unless you have your Screen Time passcode.

Fortunately, a handy tool can come to your aid and bypass the Screen Time passcode. I recommend you use the Unlockit iPhone Unlocker Tool because you might be a victim, or you can be one in the future.


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