Why Does Bumble Show Location But Not Distance

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Bumble is the second most popular dating app after Tinder. It shows matches according to the distance and age criteria set up by the user.

However, in some cases, the Bumble app will not show distance under a profile. How do you fix this? What are the benefits of knowing how far away a potential match is from your location?

Well, knowing the distance can be helpful for users who want to meet someone close to their area.

In this post, we will tell you how Bumble uses geolocation to show the proximity of other users and how you can fix the problem of distance not showing in the Bumble app. 

Bumble Showing Distance Of Other Users

Bumble Showing Distance Of Other Users

When a user logs into his Bumble account and starts using it, the app uses geolocation to show the distance of other users in their radius.

Geolocation is a feature used in smartphones or other devices with GPS to pinpoint a user's location, which is rendered on a map.

Apps like Google Maps, Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and others use geolocation to figure out your area. Similarly, the Bumble app uses the point on the map to highlight an area.

After the user selects the distance area to cover, Bumble will find all the potential matches within that radius and show them according to the criteria selected by the user. The criteria that the user can select is the age range of a match.  

If you're unable to find a suitable match on Bumble, you can change the distance (increase the area) and age range for more matches.

Bumble Not Showing Distance Of Other Users

You're swiping away on Bumble until you come across a profile that does not show their distance. There are multiple reasons the distances are not showing to other users.

Let's look at a few: 

1. The other user is in the snooze mode

This is one of the common reasons the distance is not displayed on the other user profile. If a profile is on a snooze mode, then Bumble will not display the distance.

What is Snooze Mode? It's a feature designed to allow people some time off from using the app. Tinder users usually put their profile in snooze mode (like they're not interested in matching with someone) when they want to take a break from online dating.

Getting too many matches or not finding the right match despite trying hard are a few reasons that may cause users to snooze their profile.

Women are more likely to use the snooze mode than men. If she has more than 99 matches, she needs to respond to them because the major difference between Tinder and Bumble is that the girls initiate the conversation on Bumble.

Snooze mode hides the user profile; however, it remains active. They can activate the snooze mode for 24 hours, which hides the profile. Once they're back on the app, the snooze mode is disabled, and you can see the distance below their username. 

2. User area or location is out of range

If the user is not in your selected range, the distance below their profile will not be displayed. For example, if you've selected the distance of 30 miles, any profile that is further away from the 30 miles will not show their distance.

In this case, you're essentially restricting Bumble from accessing the other user's location because it is out of the range or the radius. The same applies when a person happens to be too close to your radius. Usually,

Bumble will display a message like "less than a mile away," but if they're right next to you, then it's likely Bumble will show no distance.

3. Users have not opened the app in a while

Bumble has mentioned that if the user does not open their app for several days then the profile is hidden. Usually, users are busy with their work or travel that they forget to open the app and their profile is not shown to others.

Commonly, if the person is traveling from one location to another and hasn't opened the app. Then, the previous location is shown under their profile.

For example, if the user is in Texas for a business trip, then goes back home to Boston, their location will still be in Texas if that's the last time they opened the app.

Therefore, if the user is chatting with the matches they swiped in Texas while still in Boston, it will not show the accurate location. This is the reason Bumble is not able to confirm the location and does not show any distance.

Distance and age criteria are the fundamentals of a dating app like Tinder and Bumble. If the user is out of the distance range then the app will not show the miles under the user profile.

If the user's age is out of the range then the profile will not show up. If the user deletes the app but not their profile on the Bumble app.

The profile will still be shown when you're swiping away. However, in the case of the distance, there is a big chance it will not be displayed.

When setting up the app, Bumble will ask you for location permission. You will have to choose from three of the options, only when using the app, always, or never.

If a user has selected the option 'only when using the app' then once they close the app. Bumble will not show the distance under their profile to you. Only if they're active on the app then you can see the location.

Wrap Up

Bumble is a great app for dating, but sometimes it does not show the distance of other users. The major reasons for not showing distances are that the user is on snooze mode, out of the selected range, or their profile is hidden due to inactivity.

So don't get discouraged if you match a profile that does not have a distance displayed. Just swipe and wait for the match. Then, you can ask them if they've taken a break from the app recently or if they're traveling.

Let us know in the comments below which dating app you use the most. Is it Tinder or Bumble? Have you encountered the distance not showing up on other users for any of the apps?

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