How to Fake GPS on Telegram in Easy Steps

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Updated On Nov 10, 2022 Published On May 4, 2022 Tips

In recent times, Telegram — the open-source messaging app — has seen a rise in popularity and user base. The app allows you to communicate with your friends through text messages, voice calls, or even video chats.

You can also share images, videos, and gifs with your peers and family. But it's not the communication side of Telegram that attracts the attention of people; many people use Telegram for privacy protection as all the communication happening on Telegram is encrypted.

However, Telegram is known to track the location of a device. This can be a problem for many as they would not want to share their private location with anyone.

One solution to safeguarding your privacy is to trick Telegram about your location using a spoofing tool or app.

We have found two options to help you fake GPS location on Telegram for Android and iOS phones and tablets. 

Why Faking GPS on Telegram

Telegram was popularized because of its privacy feature. However, your current location is not hidden on the app. Your friends or anyone can see your live location on the Telegram app.

With the constant updates of the app on both Android and iOS, the company can track your live location.

If you do not want the app to see wherever you are, you can use a hack to send fake GPS locations to anyone or your friends.

The hack will help you protect your privacy, but there are many more reasons why it's a good idea to use it. Here are some of the things you get by spoofing the Telegram app:

  1. Mislead your friends about your current location
  2. Stop the app from tracking your location and protecting your right to privacy
  3. Change the location to a different country and make new local friends

The best purpose of faking the GPS on Telegram is to have fun and protect an individual's privacy. Each user has their own reason to spoof Telegram.

Warning: Whether you're an Android user or an iOS user, do not use the spoofing hack for fraudulent or illegal activities.

Faking GPS on Telegram

Fake Location on Telegram for iPhone

A good third-party app can help you fake GPS on Telegram. The best Telegram spoofing application in our experience is MockGo, which is quick and secure.

Use the app from any location at any time of the day. You can select your new location in just a few seconds and clicks.

The app works on the latest version of iOS and Android smartphones. Beware of many other third-party GPS spoof applications on the internet that are not secure and can compromise your data privacy.

MockGo uses updated security measures to protect your data, so you can use it to fake GPS on Telegram without any worry.

There are more than a million downloads of the MockGo app, and it has many great features such as:

  1. In just a few clicks, change the Telegram app's GPS location
  2. Set a custom speed and route
  3. Supports most smartphones
  4. Works well with other location-based apps, like Pokemon Go

If you want to use the app to fake the GPS location. Then, follow these instructions below:

Step 1: Download MockGo from the website and install it on your computer. Now, run the program and once the menu opens, click on the Start button. 

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3: Now, you will see a map on the screen. Locate the Teleport Mode from the upper-right corner of the menu and tap on it. 

choose teleport mode

Step 4: Select any desired location by searching the address or dropping your pin on the map.

 search for a location

Step 5: Click on the Move Here button after selecting the location. The MockGo will then teleport you to the selected destination.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

Open the Telegram app on your phone and check that your location has changed to the one you selected on the MockGo tool.

Fake Location on Telegram from an Android Device

If you do not want to use the above tool for your Android smartphone, we have another option available. You can easily use the following app on your device.

Unlike the above application, this app you would need to download from the Google Play Store directly to your device.

Many apps available on the Play Store can harm your device or steal your data. To change Telegram's GPS location on your Android phone, then follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download and install the fake location app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. 

Step 2: Check if the developer option is enabled. If not, then follow these instructions. Open Settings > Tap on About phone > Tap 7 times on the build number and the developer option will be enabled. 

Step 3: After enabling the developer option, go back to the Settings and tap on Developer options. Look for Allow Mock Locations options and then tap on it. You will see the fake GPS app > Tap on the slider to toggle it on. 

Download and install the fake location app

Step 4: Launch the app on your phone and look up any location. Once you've decided where you want to travel > Tap on the set location. The device will change your current location to a fake one.

Fake Location on Telegram from an Android Device

Now, open the Telegram app and it will have a fake GPS location.

What Else Should You Know About Faking Your Location on Telegram?

Here are a few important points that you need to know when spoofing Telegram location:

  1. Using a spoofing app does not always guarantee that it will work for all location-based apps, as the spoofing feature is not a built-in setting in your device.
  2. If the spoofing app works, it can also affect other location-based apps. It can become a hindrance if you use apps for navigation, weather updates, and more. Because of the fake GPS, the location-based apps will give you data about the selected location.

So it's imperative to use the spoofing app whenever you need Telegram. For other times, restore back to your default location.

Wrap up

Be careful of any third-party tool or app for spoofing Telegram. Many of these tools can infect your computer or device with malicious malware.

Therefore, we recommend using the MockGo tool to change your GPS location. It's secure, quick-to-use, and a reliable tool that will help you change to any location in the world.

You can also use the MockGo app for things other than Telegram. The tool can be used for any location-based apps. Before, using the tool remember to always switch the location back to default after you have used the tool.

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