Does Life360 Work Without Internet or Data? (2024 Latest)

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If you are familiar with the Life360 app, you likely understand its utility as a straightforward solution for keeping track of family and friends. Here, we'll address whether the Life360 app functions without an internet connection or data on the device and outline the necessary conditions for Life360 to function properly.


Does Life360 Work Without Data or Internet?

The straightforward answer is NO. Life360 requires an internet connection to operate effectively.

According to Life360, the app was designed to function without WiFi, relying on GPS technology and a data connection to operate properly. However, without access to data or WiFi, the services offered within the Life360 app are limited.

Disabling your device's data and internet connection will not deactivate its internal GPS tracking, but it may affect the location-sharing services essential for Life360.

Because Life360 is not a built-in feature on your phone, it frequently necessitates cellular, data, or WiFi connections to function correctly. Moreover, even if the device is connected to the internet, unstable connectivity may lead to inaccurate location data.

Does Life360 Work in Airplane Mode?

The short answer is NO.

When you activate Airplane mode on your iOS device, it disconnects from the outside world, disabling both cellular data and Wi-Fi. This isolation ensures the safety of aircraft communication systems.

Life360, relies on these connections to pinpoint your location and share it with authorized users. However, in Airplane mode, these crucial channels are disabled, preventing Life360 from updating your location or sharing it with others.

This can be a temporary inconvenience, especially during air travel, but it's essential to understand that using Airplane mode will pause Life360's tracking and sharing features.

Does Life360 Work in Airplane Mode

What Conditions Must Be Met for Life360 to Work Properly?

Life360 serves as a valuable tool for families and friends seeking to stay connected and ensure each other's safety. Whether for peace of mind or coordination purposes, here are the key conditions for optimal Life360 functionality:

Phone Basics:

  • Ensure the user's phone is turned ON.
  • Keep the Life360 app open and running on the device.
  • Verify that the user is logged in to Life360 on only one device at a time, as multiple logins can cause issues.

Network Connection:

  • The airplane mode should be OFF.
  • Ensure the phone has a reliable network connection, preferably with two or more signal strength bars, as a weak signal can impact performance.
  • Avoid using a VPN or mobile hotspot, as they may interfere with Life360's functionality.

Phone Settings (iOS):

  • Set the location permission to "Always" for the Life360 app.
  • Disable Low Power Mode, as it may disrupt the Life360 connection.

Phone Settings (Android):

  • Enable "High Accuracy Mode" for location accuracy.
  • Ensure the "Location" permission is enabled in the app settings.
  • Disable App Optimization mode for the Life360 app to allow background operation and regular updates.
  • Turn off "Data Saver" mode.
  • Enable "Physical Activity" permissions.

Battery-Saving and Parental Control Apps:

  • Avoid running Life360 alongside battery-saving and parental control apps that may hinder its proper updating.


Does life360 Notify When I Turn Off Network?

If you have more queries about the Life360 network, you may also want to know if Life360 notifies people in your Life360 circles when you turn off the internet or enable airplane mode.

The answer is YES.

If you switch off internet connectivity or power off your phone, Life360 won't detect your location and will display the no network or phone off status alongside your name on Life360's app.

 no network or phone off

Can Someone See the Location of a No-Internet Device?

If the device is offline, Life360 won't update its location automatically. However, members of the circle will still see its last known location, providing a general idea of its whereabouts. Life360 stores location information, offering an accurate report of each device's location within a specific timeframe.

Can Someone See the Location of a No-Internet Device

Wrap Up

Life360 can be a valuable asset in various scenarios, particularly for parents monitoring their teenage children. Armed with the knowledge of how to ensure its proper functionality, you can leverage the app to your advantage. If privacy concerns persist, consider exploring methods to pause Life360 without anyone knowing.

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