Does Life360 Work Without the Internet?

  1. Published on Apr 28, 2022
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If you have heard of the Life360 app, then you know that it is a simple solution to keep track of family and friends.

Once everyone signs up for the app, all members of the circle get notifications about each other’s location and other alerts such as driving safety.

In this regard, it can be a very useful solution, particularly for parents who would like to ensure the safety of their children.

But since it is an app that collects and shares information about your device, it is understandable that you may have several questions about how it does that.

One of the ways that Life360 ensures the correct location information is shared is by using the internet.

Here, we will show you whether the Life360 app works if there is no internet connection on the device. Let's start with exactly what it is.

What is Life360?

Life360 is a company based in San Francisco, California whose primary business is providing location-based services, including location sharing.

The company’s main solution is the Life360 app, a social networking app that the company released in 2008. This app is meant to help family members and friends share each other’s locations.

Life360 has a feature called “Circles” that allows users to create groups within the app to allow them to easily track the members of the group. The location of the user is only visible to the other members in the circle.

The app is free to download and use and for the most part, the location-sharing services it offers can be accessed for free.

But it does have premium features that will only be accessible if you pay a subscription fee.

Some of these premium services include the unlimited creation of “Places” (geofences that alert the group when a member enters or leaves), stolen device insurance, emergency roadside assistance, and 24/7 access to a live adviser.

How Does Life360 Work?

For two or more people to track one another, each person must install the app on their device. The app then tracks the actual location of the app and shares this location with the members of the circle.

As long as the app is installed on your device, it will be able to track the location of the app even if you don’t open it.

Depending on the settings that the members of the circle have set up, the app will also notify you using alerts if a person enters or leaves the predetermined “Places.”

The app will also provide additional information including the time it takes to get to the location and the member’s driving speed. You can also easily provide a member with directions to a particular place by simply tapping on their avatar.

Does Life360 Work Without the Internet?

The following are the things to keep in mind about the function of Life360 with regard to the device’s connectivity status:

  • When airplane mode is enabled on the device, internet access and GPS will be disabled, meaning that you will not be able to get the accurate location.
  • If the device is connected to the internet, but the connection is not stable, the location reading that Life360 gets will not be accurate.
  • If the device is not connected to the internet or the device is turned off, Life360 will not be able to automatically update the location. But the members of the circle will see that device’s last known location, giving members a general idea of where the device is.
  • Life360 stores the location information for up to 2 days (on a free account) or up to 30 days (on the premium account). This can give you an accurate and detailed report of the location of each device in the circle.
  • When the device is turned off, GPS is also automatically turned off. So, to get ab accurate reading, check to make sure that GPS is re-enabled when you turn on the device again.

life360 no network or phone off

Wrap Up

Life360 is an app that can be useful in numerous different situations, especially for parents who want to keep track of their teenage children.

Now that you have a working description of how to make sure it works properly, you can use the app to your benefit.

If you are still concerned about your privacy while using Life360, please read this article to find out how to cheat Life360.

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