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Are you seeking specific areas where you might encounter the rarest and most valuable Pokémon? If so, you'll want to learn about Pokémon GO GPX Routes.

Knowing where to locate the best Pokémon can save you considerable time spent walking or driving around in search of them, especially in areas where they're scarce or nonexistent. GPX Routes enable you to plan your auto-walk in advance.

This article will guide you to the finest sources for GPX routes for Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Go GPX

The Hottest Pokémon GO GPX Routes

GPX routes consist of a series of GPS markers that enable you to automate your Pokémon Trainer's movement in Pokémon GO. They prove invaluable when seeking specific areas abundant with Pokémon, Gyms, and PokéStops. Consequently, GPX routes facilitate faster accumulation of XP and Stardust.

Below, you'll find some of the most sought-after GPX routes for playing Pokémon GO right now! Please inform us if any information is missing or inaccurate, so we can promptly update the routes.


Popular GPX Route for Pokémon GO

New York, USA New York1 - 602 pokestops.gpx 
New York, USA New York2 - 528 pokestops.gpx 
New York, USA New York3 - 542 pokestops.gpx 
New York, USA New York4 - 345 pokestops.gpx 
New York, USA New York5 - 310 pokestops.gpx 
New York, USA New York6 - 320 pokestops.gpx 
Chicago, USA Chicago1 - 391 pokestops.gpx 
Chicago, USA Chicago2 - 445 pokestops.gpx 
San Francisco, USA San Francisco - 588 pokestops.gpx 
San Francisco, USA Pier 39.gpx 
Seattle, USA Seattle - 475 pokestops.gpx 
Washington, USA Washington - 463 pokestops.gpx 
Boston, USA Boston - 522 pokestops.gpx 
Jacksonville, USA Metropolitan_Park.gpx 
Philadelphia, USA Philadelphia - 473 pokestops.gpx 
Portland, USA Portland - 454 pokestops.gpx 
Dortmund, Germany Westfalen Park.GPX
Amsterdam, Netherland Amsterdam - 484 pokestops.gpx 
London, UK London1 - 526 pokestops.gpx 
London, UK London2 - 593 pokestops.gpx 
Paris, France Paris - 610 pokestops.gpx 
Rome, Italy Rome - 438 pokestops.gpx 
Brussels, Belgium Brussels - 494 pokestops.gpx 
Budapest, Hungary Budapest.gpx 
Copenhagen, Denmark CopenhagenMall.gpx 
Barcelona, Spain Barcelona - 577 pokestops.gpx 
Zaragoza, Spain Zaragoza_Min.gpx 
Zaragoza, Spain Zaragoza.gpx
Madrid, Spain Madrid - 472 pokestops.gpx 
Kyoto, Japan Kyoto1 - 406 pokestops.gpx 
Kyoto, Japan Kyoto2 - 548 pokestops.gpx 
Osaka, Japan Osaka - 441 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo1 - 556 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo2 - 507 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo3 - 645 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo4 - 451 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo5 - 547 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo6 - 492 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo7 - 573 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo8 - 400 pokestops.gpx 
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo9 - 384 pokestops.gpx 
Yokohama, Japan Yokohama - 470 pokestops.gpx 
Seou, Korea Seoul - 554 pokestops.gpx 
Taiwan, China Taiwan - 504 pokestops.gpx 
Taiwan, China Chimei Museum Taiwan.gpx 
Melbourne, Australia Melbourne1 - 492 pokestops.gpx 
Melbourne, Australia Melbourne2 - 309 pokestops.gpx 
Sydney, Australia Sydney1 - 473 pokestops.gpx 
Sydney, Australia Sydney2 - 399 pokestops.gpx 
Wellington, New Zealand Wellington_Botanical_Garden.gpx 

How to Use the GPX File for Pokémon GO (iOS 17 Supported)

To use those GPX files into Pokémon GO, you'll need a GPS spoofing app specifically designed for this purpose. For iOS devices, MockGo GPS spoofing tool stands out as one of the finest options. It allows you to import GPX routes and simulate walking along them for Pokémon GO in just a few simple steps.

Additionally, MockGo enables you to teleport your device's GPS location to any place you choose and simulate movement along a real or customized route. What's more, MockGo is compatible with the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 15, and supports iOS 17.

Below are the steps on how to use a GPX file with the help of MockGo:

Step 1: Download and install MockGo on your computer, then launch it.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the computer using its original cable.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3: Click on the GPX icon located at the top-right corner of the main window.

 Click the GPX icon

Step 4: Select the GPX file you wish to use from the files on your computer and import it into MockGo.

 Select the GPX file

Step 5: In the popup window that appears in MockGo, click on the "Move Here" button, and the GPS on your device will begin following the new route.

Import and Simulate GPX Track

How to Find More Pokémon GO GPX Files

From ARSpoofing GPX Route Center

The ARSpoofing GPX Route Center is among the best sources for GPX routes. It not only provides information on cities or countries likely to have abundant Pokémon, Gyms, and PokéStops but also offers detailed routes and maps to plan your simulated GPS movement effectively.

The information on the ARSpoofing GPX Route Center is regularly updated, ensuring you receive the most relevant data every time you use the service. You can view the popularity of each area and download the GPX Routes file for your chosen area.

ARS GPX Route Center

From GitHub GPX Archive

The POGO GPX archive on GitHub is another excellent resource for finding the best collection of GPX route files for Pokémon GO. Each route is available in .gpx or .txt format for personal use.

For instance, the the "Hotspot Routes" directory contains paths plotted around areas with the highest density of PokéStops and Gyms. It's ideal for finding high-value Pokémon, and the best way to use these routes is to walk in laps.

The "Pokestop Marathons" directory comprises long paths through major cities worldwide, designed to help you access as many unique PokéStops as possible. These paths are available as a single file or several sub-routes.

GitHub GPX Archive

From Reddit

Reddit is also a valuable source for GPX files. Numerous Pokémon-related threads offer advice on maximizing the game's potential, including access to useful GPX routes.

These routes are usually free and available to anyone, adding variety to the game. For instance, a collection of over 20,000 PokéStops GPX routes was shared by uKamikaze168 on the Reddit thread "Android Spoofer," receiving positive feedback from users.

Pokémon Go GPX from Reddit

How to Create Your Own GPX Routes:

If you prefer to create your own GPX routes, follow these steps:

  1. Use a GPS spoofing application that supports auto routes and GPX files.
  2. Visit https://www.gpxeditor.co.uk/map to create a GPX route. Alternatively, if you prefer a premade map, proceed to step 7.
  3. Choose a starting point on the map for your GPX route.
  4. Right-click on the map and select "Draw New Track or Route."
  5. Begin creating the route based on the areas you want to auto-walk through.
  6. Once the route is complete, right-click on the map and select "Save All as .gpx," or choose the "Save All as GPX file" option on the left side of the window to initiate the download.
  7. Connect your phone to your computer and move the GPX routes file to the device's downloads folder.
  8. Open the GPS spoofing app and navigate to "GPX Import/Export."
  9. Click "Import" and select the GPX file you added to the device.
  10. Choose whether to import into favorites or routes, and once done, you'll be ready to use your newly created routes.

How to Make GPX Routes

To Conclude

GPS spoofing offers an effective way to play Pokémon GO without physically moving from one location to another. However, without the best routes, you may miss out on valuable PokéStops and gyms.

GPX route files provide pre-planned routes to ensure you access the best PokéStops and Gyms, making it easier to gain XP and progress faster in the game.

We hope the resources provided can assist you in finding the best GPX routes to enhance your Pokémon GO experience. Feel free to share your experiences and any questions in the comments section below.

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