How to Hatch Eggs in Pokémon GO Without Walking in 2022

  1. Published on Jun 25, 2021
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Pokémon GO players find it extremely fun to hatch eggs in the game. However, there is a problem since eggs can only hatch between 2km and 10km of walking. Here are some questions you should be able to answer:

  1. Can you be able to trick Pokémon GO walking?
  2. How do eggs hatch in the game?

The long distances involved in the game have got players looking for ways to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking. Don’t worry; we have answers for you in this article. 

What to Know about Hatching Eggs in Pokémon GO

The game, which was released on July 6, 2016, has grown into one of the world's most-played phone-based games. It boasts about 500 million users from every country and continent worldwide. Players of all ages play the game.

Pokemon is designed to train or catch Pokemon as players explore the world. Normally, there are two ways of getting Pokémon GO eggs in the game.

You can choose to wander around them. Unfortunately, this approach will cause you disappointments as you find many Rattatas. You can also choose to obtain Pokemon for you to get eggs. The eggs can be found at Pokestops.

Regardless of how you get the eggs, you will have to hatch them. However, most players know how difficult it is to hatch eggs. There are at least four types of eggs, and each category requires a different walking amount to hatch. These are:

  1. The most accessible eggs require 2km or 3 miles of walking.
  2. 5km or 3.1 miles of walking.
  3. 7km or 4.3 miles of walking.
  4. 10km or 6.2 miles of walking for the most challenging eggs.

This shows that you will have to spend a lot of time and energy hatching more eggs. This is something you would want to have a shortcut to achieve.

Fortunately, there are several tricks that you can employ to hatch your eggs without tiring your legs too much. This involves cheating in the game to trick your mobile device into thinking you are actually walking.

#1. Using an iOS Location Spoofer

Using an iOS location spoofer is one of the most effective ways of learning how to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking. To get the best location spoofing solutions, I would recommend MockGo iPhone GPS spoofer.

With a single click, you can transform your location to any part of the world. You can also simulate movements between places.

  • It has a feature dedicated to simulating walking movements from place to place or multiple spots.
  • You can input the number of times you seek to move around a specific location.
  • You can also select your speed, making you imitate movements such as driving, cycling, or walking.
  • You can also change your movements and locations as much as you want.

You can take the following steps to use MockGo iPhone GPS spoofer effectively:

Step 1. Download and install MockGo onto your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to the application and launch MockGo.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3. Walk between two stops by selecting the ‘one-stop mode’ option to fake walking along real road.

one-stop mode

Step 4. Alternatively, you can also simulate a natural movement along with multiple spots by choosing the ‘multi-stop mode’.

pick the spots along a real path

#2. Using an Android Location Spoofer

This is without question one of the quickest options you can use to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking. If you have an android smartphone, you can just use a GPS spoofing application to change the device’s location.

To get the best location spoofing solutions, I would recommend Fake GPS location by Lexa. This application will trick the game into believing that you are on the move.

You should change your location tactfully and gradually instead of doing it in one go. Follow through the following steps to use a mock GPS location application successfully:

  1. Download and install a mock GPS location app.
  2. Allow mock locations by enabling the developer option.
  3. Make the location-spoofing app default.
  4. Spoof your location by selecting a mock location.

Fake GPS location by Lexa

#3. Shake Your Phone

Can you believe that this easier approach can crack such a difficult task? Shaking your phone up and down can actually help you hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking.

It would be best if you shook your phone at the pace of a jog. Using this trick, it is possible to achieve 1km in 10 minutes.

  1. Make sure you turn on the Adventure Sync in settings.
  2. Make yourself very comfortable by sitting down.
  3. Start shaking your SmartphoneSmartphone up and down.
  4. The Adventure Sync normally counts each shake as a step.
  5. You don’t need to open the app.

 Shake Your Phone

#4. Use a Skateboard

This is one of the oldest approaches and among the most efficient. All you need to do is place your Smartphone on a skateboard or bike and move a distance of your choice to hatch more eggs. Here, you will use less effort than when you decide to walk.

However, you must ensure that you are safe while riding your skateboard or bike. Your focus should never be on getting new Pokemons. Instead, keep covering the required distance to hatch more eggs. Watch out for your speed so that the game doesn’t detect fast movements.  

 Use a Skateboard

#5. Use a Pedometer

A pedometer is a device that enables you to count your steps. You can use this device to hatch more eggs on Pokémon GO without walking. Just assemble the device, plug it into a USB, and push its moveable parts.

Push the bearing gently, and it will start swinging. With a Pedometer, it is possible to get one candy every 3km. To achieve more candies, you can turn on the Adventure Sync.

Use a Pedometer

#6. Use a Model Railroad

If you know how to use model railroads, everything will be easier for you. You just need to place your SmartphoneSmartphone on a mini train and allow it to revolve around the railroad.

All you have to do is keep the phone safe and regulate the train’s speed so that fast speeds won’t be detected. Although the train will have to move for a long time to hatch more eggs, this method is better than walking.

Use a Model Railroad

#7. Use a Roomba

If you own a Roomba or other robotic cleaners, you can also use them to hack the Pokémon GO eggs. You just have to put your SmartphoneSmartphone on a Roomba and let it move freely.

Most robotic cleaners move at walking speed. However, you must protect and secure your phone, preferably in a waterproof lock.

Use a Roomba

#8. Use a Drone

Most eggs on Pokémon GO would require you to cover at least 2, 5, or 10km for them to hatch. The average drone would cover this distance very easily.

However, while using a drone, ensure that it is locked to avoid falls. It would help if you used a minimum speed so that the game won’t detect fast speeds.

 Use a Drone

More Tips to Hatch Eggs in Pokémon Go Without Walking

1. Incubators are Essential to Hatch Eggs

To hatch eggs, you will need an incubator. While all Pokémon GO players are provided with an infinite Incubator, players also have an option to purchase three-time Incubators from the store.

These Incubators are often a better fit and can help you speed up the hatching process if you wisely plan your hatching.

2 KM eggs are the easiest to hatch so you can use them with the free infinite incubator. However, 10 KM eggs should be hatched using a three-use Incubator as this can help hatch the egg much faster.

There is also a Super Incubator which reduces the walking time and distance for an egg to hatch.

2. Get the Most of Pokémon GO’s Lucky Eggs

Lucky Egg is a type of egg you can purchase and use when you’re hatching other eggs.

When you drop a Lucky Egg when hatching other eggs, you’ll get double XP when your eggs hatch.

Therefore, it’s wise to do this when you have a couple of full incubators and the eggs are close to being hatched as Lucky Eggs have a time limit of about 30 minutes to give players double the XP.

3. Know How Does Pokémon GO Measure Distance

Pokémon GO measures distance by relying on the smartphone’s GPS. They measure distance covered in a time.

The average walking speed they rely on is about 6.5 miles per hour (10.5 KM/H). So if you try going faster than that, Pokémon GO won’t count in the distance and won’t hatch eggs faster, for example.

Therefore, it’s all about the lower end of the speed. So while you can cover distance even when you’re a passenger inside a car or a bus, only the lower speed will count in.

But a cool trick is to still leave your Pokémon GO on when taking a bus or riding as a passenger around the city in a car as Pokémon GO will pick up the slower speed when a bus or car slow down and count it towards your distance

4. How to Fix Steps Not Tracking Issue

For your steps to count, your egg should be in an incubator and you should be walking around. If your steps are still not being tracked, here’s the most common mistake you should avoid.

You need to turn the Adventure Sync feature on so Pokémon GO can track your steps even when you’ve closed the app.

Also, you need to allow Pokémon GO to use your fitness and location. However, you should also keep in mind that the game might not update your covered distance immediately, so don’t worry if you don’t see the distance you just finished covering reflected in the game. It might take a bit of time.

Final Thoughts

You can easily become a Pokemon master by simply following these steps. You should ensure that the application doesn’t detect any form of cheating on your part. It is also important to consider your safety and that of your phone during these exercises.

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