How to Turn Off Location on Life360 Without Anyone Knowing

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Dreaded by the thought that your parents might be tracking your location? As one long, blond hair gal joked on TikTok, Life360 is ruining the lives of teenagers all across the US.

The good news? There’s a way to put an end to that adult surveillance, and it involves turning off your Life360 location without coming under anyone’s radar.

In this post we will be discussing the popular app Life360 and how you can turn off your location without anyone knowing.

Life360 App Features

Life360 is an app packed with exciting features, some of which are mentioned below:

  • When users arrive at or leave a place, LifeApp will issue a notification, also known as Place Alerts. So if you are walking to the school, your parents will get an alert when they reach the school and leave the school premises
  • In case of an emergency, the app sends out help alerts to a designated distress contact.
  • You can also conduct a check-in with this app to inform your circle of your exact whereabouts
  • The app also has a list called position history, which shows the location history of members. The list will inform you of all places the members recently visited.
  • An in-app chat feature is most helpful to talk to other members and check up on them from within the app.

Life360 App Features

Best Way to Turn Off Location on Life360 Without Anyone Knowing

Faking Life360 GPS VS Turning Off Life360 GPS

There are two options in front of you if you wish to stop being tracked by Life360.

In choosing between faking Life360 and turning the GPS off directly, multiple factors come into account. There are a few differences between these two options:

  • You can turn off the GPS permission from your phone for Life360, turn on the airplane mode,  or uninstall the app. But the problem with stopping permissions is that your contacts will see it immediately. You will start getting calls and messages about why you stopped and if you are doing okay. So in order to avoid this annoying situation, it is better to freeze your location on Life360 and maintain peace amongst all your contacts.
  • Location spoofing on Life360 can come in handy on various occasions, like if you want to have some fun with friends. We can pretend to be in another place and surprise them with a birthday gift moments later.
  • Sometimes, you need to change your location to save yourself from the hands of someone harmful. In this case, changing the location will enable you to get to safety and notify the authorities.

Fake Life360 Location for iPhone

iPhone users wishing to fake their location will be in a fix because Apple makes it hard for you to spoof your location.

In this case, there are third-party apps you can choose to fool the iPhone about your original location.

MockGo is the tool you are looking for, as it can spoof the location, fake the GPS walking as you need. Of course, you will need a computer for these steps.

Step 1. Download MockGo on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and authorize the connection.

 Connect your iPhone to the computer

Step 3. A map will now pop up on the computer screen with your current location pin. Choose ‘teleport mode’ from the top right corner.

choose teleport mode

Step 4. Scroll to a fake location or enter the details on the search bar to drop the pin. When the destination is selected, choose ‘Move Here’ and your location will change!

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

Disconnect the iPhone and enjoy your newly spoofed location.

  fake location

Fake Life360 Location for Android

It is essential to know how and when to spoof your location on Life360. If you possess an Android phone, the steps are simple.

A fleet of satellites orbits around the earth, sending radio signals to the GPS feature on your smartphone.

Almost every smartphone is equipped with this feature, and it allows the phone to pinpoint your exact location.

Furthermore, the location feature of most smartphones is extremely accurate, and most devices can place themselves within 15 feet of the actual location on a map.

Thus, fooling such technology is can be a challenge because your phone knows where you are, case close.

However, Androids have the benefit of being highly configurable. With the right process, you can make the software on your device forget the actual location.

Instead of relying on the GPS sensor, the phone will allow you to access a location manually. This is how you can set it up:

Step 1. The first tool you require is a fake location spoofing application. You can download any app with a good rating from the Play Store. When the app is installed on your device, move onto the next step.

fake location spoofing application

Step 2. Next, you have to go to Developer Settings on your phone. Developer settings list each detail about software or hardware on your phone.

Once you have access, you can lower some security settings of your phone to run test programs or a location spoofing app.

Open the Settings menu on your phone. Tap on ‘Software Information’ > ‘Build Number’ seven times to enable Developer Mode.

 enable Developer Mode

Step 3. Go back to Settings and look for Developer Options. Scroll down until you see the option ‘Select mock location app’ and tap on this option.

Select mock location app

Step 4. You will get the option to select the fake location application here, so move forward to select this app.

select the fake location application here

Go back to the Android GPS spoofing app. Choose a location that you want to teleport to. Your location will than be spoofed with the help of this new location changing tool.

 Choose a location that you want to teleport

Switch Off Location Sharing to Stop Life360 Location Tracking

You are allowed to turn off your location directly on Life360, and it is the fastest way to stop sharing your location with your friends and family.

1. Open the Life360 app and find the Settings button in the lower right area.
2. Tap on ‘Circle Switcher’ and choose the circles with whom you wish to stop sharing.
3. Tap ‘Location sharing’ from the options.
4. Turn the toggle off and this will pause your location with your chosen circles.
5. Once you pause, your location on the map will say ‘Location sharing paused.’

Switch Off Location Sharing

Turn on Airplane Mode to Stop Life360 Tracking

Another way to stop location sharing on your phone is by turning the Airplane mode on. Flight mode will pause the GPS and data connection of your device.

When you turn the Airplane mode off, a white flag will appear on your last recorded location. It is a quick and easy step to pause your location for a bit.

Turn on Airplane Mode to Stop Life360 Tracking

Invest in a Burner Handset to Stop Life360 Location Tracking

Burner phones are disposable, loaded with features, and help to maintain your safety.

If you want to keep your location setting in your own hands, download the Life360 app on your burner phone.

Use the same ID as your original phone, and then delete the app from your original phone.

Now you can leave the phone wherever you wish and continue using your original phone.

One drawback is that you will not be able to read messages from your circles if you are not in the vicinity of the phone.

Invest in a Burner Handset


Does Life360 Notify When Location Is Turned Off?

Yes, the application will notify people in your circles that your location is turned off.

Can Life360 Track You When Your Phone Is Off?

No, if the phone is off, you cannot share the location on Life360. The app will show your last live location on the map in the meanwhile.

Is It Enough to Delete the Life360 App?

Deleting Life360 won’t eliminate your profile from the server. However, it will say ‘Location tracking paused’ and show your last location.


We hope that the methods mentioned above can help you change your location settings on Life360.

However, if you want to stop Life360 from knowing your exact whereabouts, a third-party app like MockGo is perfect for the job.

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