What Does MobileIron Track?

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Mobile Device Management tools like MobileIron are designed to give a school or an organization the ability to control or monitor devices that they own.

This makes it easier for the organization to push updates to the device, restrict certain types of content and even limit how an employee can use the device.

In this article, we will talk about what MobileIron is and how it works. We will also show you how you can remove MobileIron from your device if it is being managed by the service.

What is MobileIron

MobileIron mobile device management (MDM) allows you to monitor, secure, and control any corporate or employee-owned mobile device. 

It is used by numerous organizations to manage and secure mobile devices including iOS devices.

The platform allows the organization to provide corporate resources to their employees including company email and apps that are specific to the organization.

The program can also be useful in remotely updating the devices the company owns and even providing company-wide notifications to the device.


What Does MobileIron Track?

MobileIron can be used to track non-personal data on the device including the carrier and country, IMEI number, phone number, and MAC address.

But it will not be able to track or view your photos, videos, contacts, or phone activity such as calls.

For personally-owned iOS devices, the MobileIron Administrator can only view business-related apps that you have installed through the enterprise app store.

Any personal apps that you have installed on your device are inaccessible to the Administrator.

The Administrator, on the other hand, can see all apps installed on Android devices and corporate-owned and purchased iOS devices.

It is essential for MobileIron to recognize the apps on your device so that company policies can be enforced.

What the Administrator Can See with mobileiron

Read this post to find more details.

Can MobileIron See Browsing History?

No. MobileIron doesn't have the ability to see your browsing history.

Can MobileIron See Text Messages?

No, the MobileIron Administrator is also unable to view SMS text message information.

Can MobileIron See My Loctiaon?

The location of your personally owned device is not visible to the MobileIron Administrator.

For corporate-owned devices, the MobileIron Admin will be able to track your location using GPS if you report it stolen or lost and GPS and you've allowed the MobileIron app to use location services.

How to Remove MobileIron from iPhone

Even though MobileIron doesn't have access to your personal files and data, you may still see it as a violation of your privacy.

To remove this and any other MDM management from your iPhone, you may need to enter the admin password that is used to manage the device.

But if you don't have access to the admin or the password that is used to manage the device, you will need the services of an MDM removal tool.

There are many in the market that can be used to remove MDM management from the device and many of them will work even if you don't have a password on the device.

Read this guide to use one of these tools to remove MobileIron MDM management from the iOS device.

Wrapping Up

Companies that use tools like MobileIron do so to manage various aspects of the devices they own.

But a supervised device can be inconvenient to the owner of the device, particularly if you don't know the types of data that is being monitored.

The good news is, that there are various ways to remove MDM management from the device, the most effective being a third-party tool designed for that purpose.

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