(Answered) Does MaaS360 Track Your Browser History?

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Technology continues to rapidly transform how companies function and do business.

There are, however, vulnerabilities such as possible hacking and data siphoning that exist among the devices that we use not only for work but for our day-to-day lives.

This becomes a risk for employers knowing that sensitive corporate data could be easily leaked and hacked.

This is where Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM comes into play.

EMM makes work more efficient and secure since it is able to monitor all the devices owned by the company and protect its applications and data.

What is IBM MaaS360?

IBM MaaS360 stands for "mobile as a service" and it is basically a remote management tool used to monitor company-provided devices.

It is a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management tool that secures each and every worker's device.

It is trusted by thousands of customers around the world, including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

Not only does it maintain data security and protect personal privacy, it also allows the usage of apps and content that users need to be productive.

This makes work more efficient and comfortable knowing that MaaS360 is there to keep your data safe.

IBM MaaS360

Does MaaS360 track your browsing history?

No, MaaS360 won't be able to track your browsing history.

It is impossible for people to track your browsing history through mobile device management. The reason for this is that iOS apps are basically sandboxed.

This means that the application resources are isolated so that external programs are prevented from interacting with the app.

Does MaaS360 have the capability to access my email data?

Thankfully, they are not capable of accessing our email data, nor can they access our messages and the like. Customer data is also sandboxed, similar to iOS apps.

Only you can access those files even if your device is under the management of IBM MaaS360.

It is incapable of storing sensitive data such as emails, message exchanges, attachments or app data.

Can the admin see my users' private information or data on my personal mobile devices?

As mentioned earlier, only the users are able to access their own private information such as messages and emails on their respective devices.

When the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Privacy Settings are enabled, even administrators are barred from viewing personal applications.

However, this only applies to the apps that the users installed outside the existing applications that the company installed on your device.

How does MaaS360 track and manage mobile data usage?

Administrators can monitor mobile data usage trends through IBM MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management.

This way, they can also create data usage policies for managed devices. They have the power to assign these policies to a single device or to the entire company.

When violations occur, alert thresholds are sent to the concerned devices. This is a way to keep the employees in check and to ensure that they are working efficiently.

How to remove MaaS360 from your iPhone

Even though it is ensured that personal privacy is protected and sensitive data and apps are secured, there will always be that anxiety as if there is someone watching you.

If this makes you uncomfortable, you can always remove MaaS360 from your device.

In this article, we detail two ways you can do this without a password. The first is through your settings, and the second is by using external software.

Remove MaaS360 via settings

This is the simplest way to remove MaaS360 from your device. You merely have to access your device's settings by following these simple steps:

  1. First, head to Settings.
  2. Next, go to General and navigate to Profiles & Device Management.
  3. Here, choose MaaS360 from all the options.
  4. Now, select Remove Management.
  5. Finally, enter your device's pin code.

Remove MaaS360 via settings

If you are not able to remove it from your device through this method, that means that your device is under high-level control and therefore only the admin or IT department can remove it.

Remove MaaS360 without password

You can bypass remote management locks through external software while your device is connected to your computer.

An example of such software is Unlockit. It is an application that allows you to bypass remote management locks with ease.

Not only does it bypass remote management locks, it also offers a few other features like unlocking iOS passcodes.

You can get a monthly license for $29.95 and $49.95 for a lifetime plan.

To use the software, here is what you need to do:

  1. First off, download and install Unlockit on your computer.
  2. Now, launch the Unlockit app.
  3. After launching, click on Bypass MDM Lock.
  4. Next, connect your iPad to your PC using a USB cable.
  5. Once connected, click on Start.
  6. Finally, once the process is done, click on Done to confirm.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

After following these steps, you should now be free to use your device without worrying about other people spying on you.

Unlockit also supports to remove the MDM lock signed by Jamf, AirWatch, MobileIron, Lightspeed. Just download it to have a try!


MaaS360 is extremely helpful for companies who want to monitor and control the data usage of company-provided devices.

It also secures company data from outside attackers and protects your private data.

Though it certainly has its advantages, some might feel uneasy knowing that somebody else is remotely controlling and watching their device.

You can remove MaaS360 in a number of ways. One of those ways is through the Settings.

Another way is to use an external software such as Unlockit to bypass the MDM lock on your phone.

This is paid software so you'll have to cough up a bit of money to use it, but it will get the job done.

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