How to Fake Location on iPhone Easily: 6 Ways Offered

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Faking location on your iPhone or other iOS device involves cheating your device into informing applications that you're in a new location that you aren't. Most of the time, spoofing a GPS location on your device will fool all location-based apps on it.

This might appear like an odd thing to do since most people use GPS for functions that require our real location, such as weather updates and finding directions. However, some situations are legitimate enough to change your device's location to a fake one.

Unfortunately, spoofing location on your iPhone isn't as easy and straightforward as you might think. This is partly because no iPhone or iOS device comes equipped with a built-in setting for 'fake GPS location'.

Nevertheless, there are available options that could fake your location within minutes. Let's look at the top options available to fake locations on the iPhone.

Why You Want to Fake the Location on iPhone?

People fake their GPS location for several reasons, including but not limited to the fun.

There is a possibility of changing your location, especially when it comes to using dating apps. You might want a dating application like Tinder to think that you're several miles away from your actual location.

Changing your device's location is also helpful when it comes to using location-based games such as Pokemon Go. The game lets you travel to a different location to pick various types of Pokemon.

Instead of doing so physically, you could use an application that could tell Pokemon that you're already in a new location. The game will take the fake location as real.

You could also use a fake GPS if you're visiting a new location like Dubai and check into a hotel or restaurant that you have never been to.

You could also take advantage of fake locations to trick your online friends on social platforms such as WhatsApp into believing that you're on an extravagant vacation.

Finally, a fake GPS location could be helpful when you want to hide your location for reasons only known to you. Regardless of the reasons why you want to change your GPS location, you must select the best tools for this purpose.

#1. Best Pick: Fake Location on iPhone Using MockGo

The Apple system's complexity and security make it very difficult to fake GPS location on either an iPad or iPhone device.

However, there are still straightforward and easy options that you can use to change your location on the iPhone.

The most efficient method we recommend is MockGo which lets you Fake your iPhone's location without jailbreak.

The tool supports almost all devices and systems, including the latest iOS 14. Anyone can easily follow the steps to spoof their location using MockGo.

The unique features of MockGo include:

  • Faking location without jailbreak: The tool will trick applications that require access to GPS location. The applications will believe that you're in a different location than you've set on the tool. There is no need to worry about installing questionable packages or bricking your phone.
  • Simulate movement with customized speed: This tool can be used in games like Pokemon Go, where you can plan your route and set the speed you intend to move with. You can, therefore, easily hatch Pokemon Go eggs from the comfort of your room.

To effectively use MockGo to change location on your iPhone, follow the steps below keenly:

Step 1. Download, install and launch MockGo on your computer.

Step 2. You can then tap on 'Start' when you see a welcome screen connect your iPhone to the computer and unlock it.

Launch MockGo on your computer

Step 3. Wait for the maps to load on MockGo and then click on 'Teleport Mode'.  

choose teleport mode

Step 4. From the top left corner, the type where you would like your iPhone's location to be. You can also select a destination by zooming out/in the map.

 Enter the location

Step 5. Finally, you will notice the 'Move Here' option. Click the option, and your device's location will shift to where you set it.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

Step 6. To verify whether your GPS location changed successfully on the device, try opening Apple Maps. You will notice a blue dot in the area you chose in MockGo.

location teleported

With MockGo, you can easily trick your iOS device into thinking that you are in a new location without much effort. You are also able to share your location on location-based applications.

#2. Fake iPhone Location via iTools

Faking your location on an iPhone device requires more knowledge and skills since it isn't just about installing an application.

One option that you can use to fake your location is iTools's virtual location feature. With this option, you will have to use a computer and keep in mind it is only functional iPhones operating on iOS 12 or earlier.

To change you location efficiently using iTools, follow through the following steps:

  1. Download and install iTools on a computer. After installation is complete, connect your iPhone to it using an original USB cable from Apple. iTools has a tool called Virtual Location that allows you to change your device's location.
  2. When a connection is established, launch iTools and select the Virtual Location option.
  3. Input the location you wish to access at the top of the map on your device and then press enter.
  4. You will notice your GPS location moving to the new fake location on the map. At this point, you should click on the 'Move Here' option'. You can still click on the map to adjust your GPS location if you want.
  5. After achieving what you want, exit iTools and then disconnect your iOS device from the computer. If you're prompted to stop location simulation, select no.


#3. Fake Location on iPhone via ExpressVPN

There is no argument that a VPN can move you from one location to another without moving physically. One such reputable VPN that we would recommend is ExpressVPN.

This VPN can enable you to browse the internet securely, and access geo-blocked and access restricted content. It is available on major platforms, including but not limited to the iPhone.

With ExpressVPN, you can fake your GPS location around the country and internationally.

ExpressVPN offers you a wide range of locations that you can spoof your location from.

The VPN has many servers worldwide, thus allowing those in the United States to access UK-based content and those in the UK to access US-based content.

You can use ExpressVPN to fake your iPhone's location not only for entertainment but also for security purposes.


#4. Fake iPhone Location via iBackupBot

iBackupBot is still another fair option that you can use to fake your GPS on iPhone without jailbreak. To use the tool effectively, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your iOS device to a Mac
  2. On the Mac, open iTunes
  3. Click on the iPhone's icon
  4. Click on the 'Manually Backup and Restore' option
  5. Click the 'BackUp Now' option. Here, you should ensure that the Encrypt iPhone isn't checked
  6. Wait until the backup is finished
  7. Open the iBackupBot
  8. iBackupBot will locate your backup and open it

Use iBackupBot

After this happens, head to any of the two locations on your iOS device's backup. Edit the Apple Maps plist file by going to any of the two locations below to open the com.Apple.Maps.Plist file.

  1. ‘System Files > HomeDomain > Library > Preferences’
  2. ‘User App Files > Com.Apple.Maps > Library > Preferences’

After opening the file locate the <dict> tag and input the code below:

input the code

Save the edited file and then close iBackupBot. Don't unplug your iPhone from the computer just yet. Proceed to disable Find My iPhone on your device.

disable Find My iPhone

Open iTunes or Finder and select Restore Backup. Select the backup that you edited.

Restore Backup

After completing the restore process, open the Apple Maps Application and move around to the location that you want to change.

At the bottom of the screen, you access information on the location. You will also see an option to simulate your location.

To be sure that your location is changed, open location-based applications such as maps and Pokemon Go.

#5. Spoof GPS via Xcode

Xcode is an app for Mac OS computers and laptops that allows you to connect your iPhone and change its GPS location without having to install anything on your iPhone.

To use Xcode to spoof your location, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download Xcode to your Mac
  2. Launch Xcode after installation and choose to create a new project
  3. Connect your iPhone via USB cable
  4. Head to Xcode -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Apple ID and log into your Apple ID
  5. Select “Team” from the dropdown list in the Xcode to start the building process
  6. After the build process is complete, you can switch maps
  7. From the dropdown map list, choose the location you’d want to switch to

After that, your iPhone’s location will be changed and you will be able to catch Pokemons in any location you’ve set.

Spoof GPS via Xcode

#6. Spoof GPS Location on iPhone with Hardware-Based Solution

Spoofing GPS is now improved by hardware-based solutions that allow you to connect an external GPS module such as GFaker to your iPhone which acts as a secondary GPS.

You can connect it to your smartphone and use it to spoof your location from the iOS’s settings without jailbreaking your device, installing third-party apps, or modified Pokemon GO versions.

Even though these hardware-based solutions are an investment, they’re one of the safest ways to fake your Pokemon GO location without being detected.

External GPS Module


Q1: What is the best fake GPS app for the iPhone?

There are many fake GPS apps that you can use. However, we recommend MockGo as the best available option for you. The tool is effective and easy to use. You can change your GPS location within minutes.

Compared to MockGo, iBackupbot and Xcode are much complicated to use. Many VPNs in the market can only change your IP address, but not your GPS location.

The price of iTools is higher, and the interface is not suitable for inexperienced users. GFaker is also much expensive, and you must wait for shipping.

Q2: Does fake GPS work?

Yes, fake GPS works, and you can use different apps to achieve various things, including but not limited to accessing geo-blocked contents and playing location-based games such as Pokemon Go.

You can use any of the tools we have discussed above to change your location.

Q3: How to turn off simulation and go back to the actual location?

If you would like to stop the location simulation, return to your previous location, and stop spoofing your location, you can do so by stopping the software you’ve been using to spoof your location and then restarting your iOS device.

In some situations, if you jailbroke your device, you might want to restore a backup using iTunes.


If this is the first time that you want to fake a location on your iOS device, you might think the process is complicated and unachievable. However, all you need to change your location within minutes is to select the right tool for the task.

In this case, we recommend that you use MockGo since it is the most effective and easily available for iPhone users. However, you can also try other tools on the list. We hope that you manage to fake your iPhone location.


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